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Watch the show “Masters” by Racho Stoyanov from today

Sava Ognyanov Drama Theater – Ruse, like many theaters in isolation, also actively publishes and gives us free to watch entire theater productions on its YouTube channel.

Today the theater offers you to immerse yourself in “Masters” by Racho Stoyanov, which you can watch at: and do not forget about the Subscribe button.

The broadcast will start exactly at 19.00 on April 8.

The play “Masters” by Racho Stoyanov, directed by Orlin Dyakov (Photo: Drama Theater “Sava Ognyanov” – Ruse)

The videos uploaded to the Ruse Drama Theater channel were shot during the premiere performances, and the initiative is a kind of time machine for the artists and the viewer, the institution announced.

Filming for archival purposes has long been practiced by the cultural institute, but so far the recordings have not left the theater’s repository. Watching the channel is absolutely free and does not require users to register. The theater team promises to select the highest quality recordings and interesting titles, which they will share with fans of theatrical art up to twice a week.

YouTube-registered users can click the red Subscribe or Subscribe button to stay informed when the institution schedules an online premiere on their channel.

The first full recordings available for viewing are four:

These are the productions “Medea” (2012, directed by Petar Denchev), “Evenings in the Antimovski Khan” (2014, directed by Orlin Dyakov) and “Women’s Kingdom” (2016, directed by Orlin Dyakov).

A recording from 2018 of a part of Ruse’s favorite International Festival “Living Statues” has been uploaded, which gained great popularity in 2019 and won the award for best tourist event in Ruse, presented by the Municipality after the vote of Ruse.

The play “Masters” by Racho Stoyanov, directed by Orlin Dyakov (Photo: Drama Theater “Sava Ognyanov” – Ruse)

Subscribe to the Sava Ognyanov Drama Theater – Ruse on YouTube – HERE and do not miss the next broadcast, which the theater team has prepared for you.

The play “Masters” by Racho Stoyanov, directed by Orlin Dyakov (Photo: Drama Theater “Sava Ognyanov” – Ruse)

Racho Stoyanov / 1883-1951 / wrote only three plays, but one of them, “Masters” / 1927 /, gave him a worthy place in Bulgarian classical drama.

With its high poetry, nurtured by folklore, with the intertwining of the themes of love art with that of the new and conservative in it, the play is a real gem in the Bulgarian theater. Therefore, since its appearance in 1927, there have been numerous stage productions.

It was staged at the Ruse Theater in 1927 / dir. Stefan Kirov /, 1941 / dir. Tacho Tanev /, 1943 / dir. Alexander Iconograph / and 1975 / dir. Margarita Mladenova /.

MASTERS by Racho Stoyanovstaging – Orlin Dyakovcenography and costumes – Violeta Radkovachoreography – Tihomir BlagoevParticipants: Ventsislav Petkov, Yana Stefanova-Hernani, Ivaylo Nenov, Maria Petkova, Yovko Kanev, Koso Stanev, Tihomir Blagoev, Krum Berkov, Kadri Habil