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Watch the legendary production of Krikor Azaryan – “Three Sisters” by Chekhov (VIDEO)

In days of trials like the ones we live in, art is trust. The team of the Nikolay Binev Youth Theater is looking for comfort and meaning, celebrating the birth of an exceptional and bright person – Krikor Azaryan, who today, March 15, would have turned 86 years old.

From 14:00 on March 15 to 14:00 on March 17 you will have the opportunity to enjoy a recording in two parts of the legendary and cult show of Krikor Azaryan – “Three Sisters”!

“Three Sisters” by AP Chekhov

Nikolay Binev Youth Theater Director Krikor AzaryanScenography and costumes Marina RaichinovaMusic Rumen TsonevChoreography Mila IskrenovaScenography and costumes: Marina RaichinovaGraphic design of poster and program Vessela StatkovaPhotographer Ivan Donchev

Television adaptation Damyan Petrov

Participants: Tsvetan Daskalov, Maya Baburska, Malin Krastev, Yana Titova, Vladimir Lyutskanov, Koyna Ruseva, Silvia Lulcheva, Stanka Kalcheva, Tsvetan Alexiev, Vezhen Velchovski, Ognyan Golev, Krassimir Nedev, Nikolay Urumov

First part

“In the home of Prozorovi in ​​the small provincial town there is a premonition that something good will happen. It comes either from spring or from change – officers have arrived in the town… But all the heroes – from the hosts to their guests, are overwhelmed by the hope that the status quo of rural life is temporary, and by the longing for happiness. Even Masha, bored with the monotonous everyday life, is infected by it, and the happiness for her two sisters Olga and Irina means only to return to their beloved Moscow… ”

Second part

“The small provincial town has 100,000 inhabitants and none that is different from the others. Not a fanatic, not a single scientist, not a single artist, not a single at least a little remarkable person… And how exactly to continue living? How to accept the unacceptability of life? How to decorate the defeat so that it can be swallowed?

Moscow, Moscow – is the dream of happiness so hopelessly far away?… But there is no way – you have to live… ”

The theater has prepared other broadcasts in which the memory of him is alive. Follow the Facebook page of the Nikolay Binev Youth Theater to enjoy other unforgettable moments from their rich history.

Enjoy watching!