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Watch online “Quartet” by Yavor Gardev and “Sfumato”

Sfumato Theater Workshop continues to delight us by “raising the curtain every Thursday” with a performance of its theatrical history on its YouTube channel.

At the moment they do not have the opportunity to meet their viewers, but they give us the opportunity to see how they “painted the air over the years.”

After “Apocrypha” and “Winter Tale” today we will have the opportunity to watch for free and online the cult performance of Yavor Gardev “Quartet” (1998) with the participation of Vladimir Penev, Joreta Nikolova, Svetlana Yancheva and others.

The show will be available on the Sfumato TV channel on YouTube only on Thursday, April 2, from 19:00 to 00:00

“Quartet” by Heiner Müller translated by Georgi Tenev on the epistolary novel “Dangerous Relationships” by Chauderlo de Laclo is with fragments of texts by Bernard-Marie Coltes, Jean d’Ormeson, Christopher Hampton and Cyril Merdjanski:

Literary adaptation, stage version and staging: Yavor GardevScenography: Daniela Oleg Lyahova and Nikola ToromanovMusic: Asen AvramovDiaporama: Simon VarsanoGraphics of movement: Tatiana SokolovaActors and performers: Valmon – Vladimir PenevNertalovoMertavel – recorded) Mero – Nadia Konakchieva The Stranger – Daniel RashevHerzstuck by Heiner Müller performed by Marius Kurkinski.

The compositions from the cycle “World Bed” are performed by the “Animators” and a string ensemble. The vocal parts are performed by Yordanka Ilova and Lyuba Trayanova.

A spectacle about the boredom of libertines from the aesthetic stage of life, their painful transition to the ethical stage and their anxious premonitions that they will not reach the religious stage.

Premiere on February 20, 1999 in the theater building at 14 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.Since the 2002/2003 season he has been performing on the stage of the Tear and Laughter Theater.Since November 2004 it has been performed in the theater building at 2 Dimitar Grekov Street (6 performances).Nomination for the award of the Union of Artists in Bulgaria for 1999 for scenography and costume design by Daniela Oleg Lyahova and Nikola Toromanov.UBA Award “Icarus” 1999 by Daniela Oleg Lyahova and Nikola Toromanov for scenography and costume design.Nominations for Askeer 1999 for directing Yavor Gardev and for best performance.

Yavor Gardev: In the performance “Quartet” they are the object of my attention

the old new fear of lovethe old new fear of the fleshthe old new fear of the familiarthe old new fear of oblivionthe old new fear of death ”

Vladimir Penev (Photo: BulFoto)

The recording of the show was compiled from filming in Sofia in 1999 and 2002, in Basel in 2000 and in Lisbon in 2001. (Source: Personal Archive (YG), Concept for Theater Foundation, Bulgarian Theater Video Fund, Editing: Kalin Nikolov)

FROMthe coenography of Daniela Oleg Lyahova and Nikola Toromanov is sensational. Black tulle conditionally divides the stage into corridors in which the actors wander and triumph. The floating images of Simon Varsano harmonize with the magnificent music of Assen Avramov. Marius Kurkinski sings a romantic aria behind the scenes.

Albena Atanasova, Standard newspaper

“Quartet” is electrified with eroticism, but it is not caused by naked flesh, but is caused by words. The physical touch in it is rare, but it happens as a culmination – only when the words have formed an electric arc… Finally, the seduced audience is ready to surrender. But then the Quartet turned its back on her and left, leaving her in despair to realize that this was only a brief moment of blindness, preceded and followed by hopeless darkness.

Anelia Yaneva, Sega newspaper

Svetlana Yancheva (Photo: BulFoto)

“Quartet” is a show very different from everything that happens on our stages. He dances in his intoxication. Intoxicated by his overwhelming knowledge of the terror in relationships, of the costume design of bodies, of the disciplining techniques that structure societies, of disbelief in emotions, of the machines of

self-eating, about the technology of illusions…

Violeta Decheva, newspaper “Culture”

The text breaks down into expressions and words, words that are too rude or too courteous, words that testify only to the general form in which they are placed – the voice. The voice is still human, as if its sound means something, but it is also a stimulus. The stimulus provokes reactions of the body, various body movements, which are also expressed through the voice, but this voice has no longer kept anything whole in itself, this voice is only a groan, a groan, a cry…

Emilia Mirazchiyska, Literary Journal

Magical, cosmic and incredibly beautiful was the Quartet of the Sfumato Theater Workshop and directed by Yavor Gardev. Declared one of the hits of the season, this show not only kept its high domestic price, but also proved its cosmopolitan significance against the background of alternative foreign productions.

Maria Kopreva, Democracy newspaper

Joreta Nikolova (Photo: BulFoto)

The Quartet explores the limits of sexual manipulation. The anatomy of seduction. The woman who directs the libido of the man who directs the libido of other women. To the brink of death as the final and most desirable but unproven orgasm. The show radiates erotic energy, which can also drive a TPP turbine.

Dimitar Staykov, “24 hours”

The melody of the spoken word overcomes the semantic function of the word. The rhythm of body movements and voice modulations follows the rhythm of passion – it goes evenly and smoothly, gradually increases and erupts again… This creates the feeling of progress and ebb, of ups and downs, of impulse and rest, of effort and fatigue. Something like a pulse. Pulsation of desires, behind which lurks fear – the vicious circle of life and death.

Kremena Dimitrova, Literary Journal

Watch “Quartet” online on April 2 from 19.00: HERE

The show is not recommended for persons under 18 (18+)