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The actor, director and long-time theater director Stefan Staychev has died

Yesterday, on March 18, a week after he turned 82, Stefan Staychev died – director, actor, author of plays and poetry books, one of the longtime directors of the Silistra Theater – nearly 15 years.

“Today a wonderful man left our world – Stefan Staychev – a brilliant director, longtime director of the Silistra Theater, which he not only breathed life into for the second time, but also turned into a major Balkan theater center.

A tireless enthusiast of theatrical art, he proved that when this art is created with talent, erudition and inspiration, geographical parameters lose their significance and the division of artistic life into metropolitan and non-metropolitan acquires a very conditional character. He spent the last years of his life caring for his sick sister, the great German translator Emilia Staycheva, overcoming her own suffering after the bandit gypsy attack on his home and the inhuman beating by the robbers, after which Stefan was no longer the same person. May justice pay them according to their deeds.

And we will always remember the smiling, optimistic, tireless in good, talented theater and our old friend Stefan. He left a bright trail here on earth, it will shine on his heavenly path as well “, wrote Prof. Kiril Topalov on Facebook.

Stefan Staychev was born in Sofia. He began his creative career in 1961 at the Sliven Drama Theater, then was an actor in the troupe of the National Theater “Sofia” (1966-1970), then an actor at the Theater “Sofia” (1970-78,1982 -97). His first appearances as a director began there.

For many years he was the director of the Silistra Drama Theater (1978 -1982, 1997-2009). In the meantime, he also wrote plays, which were staged in a number of theaters; makes productions as a guest director in the country and abroad.

One of the good productions that is remembered in the Ruse Drama Theater is his play “Free seat on the train”, played in the 70s. In this theater he made in 1998 the play “Angels-monsters” by J. Cocteau.

Stefan Staychev is also the author of plays such as “Drawings in August”, “Tsar Simeon”, “The Golden Age”, which also received stage realization. He staged for the first time in the country on the Silistra stage “Come and see us” / Kiril Topalov /, “Do something, Met!” / Azis Nesin /. For both, the theater received the ICAR Award for scenography at UBA-2001.

He created unforgettable performances on the stage, of which: “Beach” by Yu. Bondarev, “Tsar Simeon the Great” – author and director, “Enemy” by St. L. Kostov, “Doctor” by B. Nusic, “Nathan the Sage” by G.E. Lessing, “Dobrudzha Rhapsody” by Al. Girginov and St. Staychev, “From the gallows to immortality” dramatization St. Staychev – one of the most watched performances, “Timon of Athens”, “The Golden Age – Tsar Simeon the Great”, “The Herakles” by E. Pelin and many others left to every viewer a particle of spiritual energy.

Stefan Staychev is a laureate of many Bulgarian and international awards for his acting and directing work from Poland, Germany, Russia and others. The citizens of Silistra still remember the dedicated activity with respect and admiration. With his talent, erudition and qualities of a worthy man he contributed a lot to the theatrical art in Silistra, write his fellow citizens from

A tribute to his memory!