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Tatiana Lolova left us

After a short illness in “Pirogov” at the age of 87, the legend of the Bulgarian theater and cinema Tatiana Lolova left us.

Minutes after 9 pm on March 22, 2021, she died of cerebrovascular disease, the emergency hospital said.

The 87-year-old star was admitted for treatment at the NI Pirogov Hospital on March 6, 2021 with COVID-19. Coronavirus infection was overcome quickly, but the effects of cerebrovascular disease and age-related changes in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems were the direct cause of death.

Dozens of posts appeared on social networks because of the death of the great actress.

“We lost Tatiana Lolova – a great and unique artist, charming man and friend. Tanya, you remain in my heart forever ❤ Deep bow! And a bright celestial path to the stars ”, wrote on Facebook Prof. Ivaylo Tarnev.

Tatiana Lolova was born on February 10, 1934 in Sofia. He graduated in acting in the class of Prof. Stefan Sarchadjiev at VITIZ in 1955.

Her career began at the Sava Ognyanov Drama Theater in Ruse, and in 1957 she became the first actress to be officially appointed to the newly formed troupe of the Satirical Theater. He also plays on the stages of Sofia Theater and Theater 199.

He has acted in dozens of Bulgarian films, including the classics “Bon Chance, Inspector”, “Night with the White Horses” and “The Prince’s 13th Bride”.

Tatiana Lolova will go down in history as one of the greatest comedian actresses in Bulgaria.

“When someone tells me he doesn’t love me, I don’t believe him”, said the Queen of Comedy, and in the starry sky it will continue to shine as part of the highest echelon of Bulgarian acting.