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Minister Banov: The real celebration of the theater will be when it opens its doors again

The Minister of Culture Boil Banov addressed a greeting to the theatrical community on the occasion of March 27, the International Theater Day.

Here is what it says:

” Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear artists,

Today we celebrate the International Theater Day for almost 60 years. This year, however, Theater Day will be the one in which it will reopen. The day when the actors will bow to the audience again and thank them for their trust. And to every spectator, for taking the Temple of Melpomene to his home and turning it into his refuge. In order for us all to come out of this ordeal with our ideals, our beliefs, our empathy for the pain of the other, with our human nature.

More than ever, we now feel the need to come into contact with this more beautiful version of life. Therefore, we expect you to fill again not only the empty halls, but also the hearts of the audience with your messages, stories from the experience, with the script and the silent without, with smiles and tears, with everything that makes the theater the most honest and intimate communication between people.

We expect an official ceremony at the National Theater, as tradition dictates, to applaud the winners of the ICAR Awards of the Union of Artists in Bulgaria, to show all our great respect for the guild, for each of you who professionally gives for it to live in a more meaningful society and in a more beautiful and spiritual world.

This year’s World Theater Day address by Pakistani director Shahid Nadeem spoke of the theater’s noble role in encouraging and mobilizing humanity to emerge from the abyss. Even today, the prophetic call in this message sounds – to restore our spiritual strength, to fight apathy, lethargy, pessimism, greed and disregard for the world in which we live and the planet we inhabit.

Dear artists,

Thought is the most constructive force, because everything begins with thought. It flashes first, and if you give it a go, it develops into an idea. Turning it into action, it becomes a reality. Today our thoughts are for you – how to make so that we preserve every particle of culture, art, spirituality, created by you.

Happy holiday!”