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Helen Mirren: Our wonderful union through the theater will continue as long as we exist

Every year on the International Theater Day – March 27, a world-famous person presents to all art lovers his thoughts on theater. The author of the first message for Theater Day in 1962 is the great French artist Jean Cocteau.

This year the message is of theater, film and television actress Helen Mirren, the Union of Artists in Bulgaria announced:

August 30, 1978 English actress as Cassandra in the play “Agamemnon”, first part of Aeschylus’ Oresteia, television adaptation of the BBC (Photo: Getty Images)

“A very difficult year has passed for live performances, for many artists, technical services and creators of theatrical art, faced with the difficulties in a profession already full of uncertainty.

Probably it was this constant insecurity that taught them to survive through wit and courage in this pandemic as well.

In these new circumstances, their imagination is already being transformed into an inventive, fun and emotional way of communicating, thanks in large part to the Internet, of course.

Ever since they’ve been on this earth, people have been telling each other stories. And our wonderful union through the theater will always continue to exist as long as we have us.

The creative impulse of writers, artists, dancers, singers, actors, musicians, directors will never be stifled, and in the near future will blossom again with new energy and understanding of our world.

I can’t wait for this to happen! ”

Helen Mirren attends the TV premiere of “Catherine the Great” at the “Curzon Mayfair” cinema on September 25, 2019 in London (Photo: Getty Images)

The actress attended the TV premiere of “Catherine the Great” at the “Curzon Mayfair” cinema on September 25, 2019 in London (Photo: Getty Images)

Helen Mirren is one of the most famous and respected actresses with an international career that stretches from the stage, through the cinema, to the television screen. He has won numerous awards for his powerful and multi-layered performance, including the 2007 Academy Award for his performance in The Queen.

Theater. Her career began with the role of Cleopatra at the National Youth Theater, London. Performances followed in Manchester, where he continued as a member of the troupe of the Royal Shakespeare Theater. After four remarkable years, Helen Mirren made a sharp turn, starting working for the theater troupe “Center de Recherche Théâtral” of the famous director Peter Brook. So she toured Africa and America.

September 1, 1978 Helen Mirren as Cassandra in the BBC television adaptation of Aeschylus’ Oresteia (Photo: Getty Images)

From there, numerous performances were added to her theatrical career at the West End, Fringe, the Royal Shakespeare Theater, the National Theater and Broadway in the United States, where she was nominated for a Tony Award for Village Month and partnered with Dance of the Dead. Ian McEllen.

Her further performances include Orpheus Goes to Hell in Donmar Warehouse and Electra in Black at the National Theater, for which she was nominated for the Olivier Award for Best Actress.

March 31, 1981 Bob Hoskins and Helen Mirren in John Webster’s play “The Duchess of Malfi” on the stage of the Royal Exchange Theater in Manchester (Photo: Getty Images)

He returned to the National Theater in 2009 as Phaedra in the play of the same name by Racine, directed by Nicholas Heitner, which marked the historic beginning of NT Live – filming the show and its distribution around the world.

In 2013, he returned to London’s West End, again playing Elizabeth II in Peter Morgan’s Audience, directed by Stephen Daldry.

Helen Mirren on the stage of the Duchess Theater in London on November 21, 1984 (Photo: Getty Images)

For Best Actress, she won the Olivier Award and the What’s on Stage Award in London. In 2015, “Audience” moved to the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater in New York, with Helen Mirren once again playing the lead role for her Tony Award for Best Actress.

The actress gives autographs at the premiere of “Fast and Furious: Hobbes and Shaw” on July 23, 2019 in front of the cinema “Curzon Mayfair” in London (Photo: Getty Images)

Cinema and television. In addition to her theatrical career, Helen Mirren is well known for her outstanding achievements in film and television.

In 2003, Helen Mirren was awarded the Order of the British Empire.

October 17, 2019 Actress at the premiere of “Catherine the Great” at the Billy Wilder Theater, located at the Hummer Museum in Los Angeles, California (Photo: Getty Images)

For more information about her work in theater, film and television, as well as her charity work:

Translated from English by Sava DragunchevSource: Union of Artists in Bulgaria