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Doomed to give courage – the messages of Tatiana

Who would have thought it was the last time…

In July 2020, the great Tatiana Lolova was a guest of honor at the conference organized by “She’s The One”. In it, 7 inspiring Bulgarian women gathered on one stage, each with its own magical power, but all captivating hearts, uplifting, all bringing hope and meaning.

We didn’t know that this would be the last public appearance of our great comedian.

The queen of comedy stepped solemnly on stage, joking with her own photos on the big screen. Lolova blew the guests away with her incredible talent and extraordinary sense of humor, which she abundantly directed at herself.

Tatiana Lolova (Photo: Andrey Mikhailov, BulFoto)

She gave her all, as she always did on stage, and filled the audience with hope, despite the severe pandemic.

“I feel in the very pleasant company of young, smart, successful people who, even in a pandemic, find the strength to smile and for an event for which you have been preparing for a long time to make me the only one. It turned out that here are 6 more women who are the only ones of their kind. Every morning from now on, I would wonder if the others are the only ones who get up like me at 5 o’clock and wash their eyes. Because Tatiana, please, she is ready at 5 o’clock a long time ago “, she joked.

Her optimism was contagious.

“It’s very difficult to keep your spirit in a period like this. But humanity has gone through much more severe elements, which are not even called pandemics. Like the Flood, the African disease – an infection transmitted by the Spanish tsetse fly, the Plague, the War, the lack of a morsel of bread, which takes lives because you should not overeat, but you should not stay hungry… “

We are going through difficult moments, but my eldest and only son is following me and quietly hisses: “Smile! People don’t have to see your sad face. Understand that you have to smile. Encourage others so we can move forward. ”

Lolova shared: “There was no one to support me, my wonderful gift that God gave me helped me. I am a product of my teachers, who said: “I am sending you a miracle, but it is a bit crazy, make sure it doesn’t run away. Success does not measure it. I don’t know where it is, you can’t keep it, it’s stored somewhere, “she said.

The queen of comedy (Photo: Andrey Mihailov, BulFoto)

And she recounted a memory that warmed her: “Leaving Tsar Osvoboditel before I reached Rakovski after a performance of Beckett’s Happy Days, a girl, panting and terribly excited, caught up with me and gave me the most beautiful flower.” . If it wasn’t for her, and if it wasn’t for her then, I wouldn’t have seen him.

It was a white carnation with red edges on its petals. He looked infinitely beautiful to me because she handed me the carnation and said, “I just want you to know that you are something very important in my life!”

Tatiana Lolova (Photo: Andrey Mikhailov, BulFoto)

It seems to me that she was in a very serious mental state and thought it was pointless to live… But watching the play and seeing Winnie and Willie fighting for their lives and their lives until the last moment and enjoying what they have to live, she has decided that it is actually worth living.

This girl, of all the praise I’ve received in my life, is the most precious thing to me, “confesses the beloved actress for the greatest recognition she receives tonight, in which she plays the favorite role of her life – Winnie, from” Happy days ”by Beckett.

Tatiana Lolova (Photo: Andrey Mikhailov, BulFoto)

Tatiana Lolova then wished us to look more at the baby strollers on the street, which bring smiles. Let’s think about the life that has been given to us.

“The psyche, serenity and smile are more important than our physical body existence.”

“If you have no spirit, you are superfluous on this earth.”

The right recipe for happiness is simple: “To have a cheerful character.” “Then people will love you, you will feel it when they give you a delicious bite in the morning and a cup of coffee at 5 o’clock in the morning.”

“Whatever you see in the morning news, be alive and healthy, accept it so that it does not kill you, but gives you impetus,” Tatiana Lolova told us.

From our famous actress and queen of comedy – in the interview during the event:

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