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“Condemned Souls” at the NEW THEATER NDK

The premiere of “Condemned Souls” by Dimitar Dimov, Dramatization and Directing by Boyko Iliev will take place on February 12 at the NEW THEATER NDK. Scenography and costumes – Galina Abadjimarinova, Musical arrangement – Niki Iliev.

The actors participate: Elena Petrova, Niki Iliev, Lyubomir Kovachev, Dimitar Martinov, Tsvetan Peychev, Svetlio Ivanov, Valentin Chenkov and Lyubomira Stefanova.

In a letter to her son in Spain, Dimitar Dimov’s mother wrote: “Spain – this was your dream, dear, beloved child! And here you are now! With its centuries-old culture, with its historical monuments, Spain will overwhelm you, will intoxicate you, will inspire you, will reborn you. ”

Love is reborn, and here the heroine – a rich, egocentric, spoiled Englishwoman, finds another person in herself – dedicated, self-sacrificing and loving.

Love was reborn by the Frenchman Jacques Murier, a graduate of medicine in Paris. He follows Fanny “on the casinos and dance floors”, just to be close to her, to feel the breath and… Because of her he goes to the hospital camp in Pena Ronda and becomes a real doctor. A doctor who dedicates himself to the sick and dying, who does not spare himself, but accepts his work as a mission, and leaves this world, looking with amorous eyes at the one he wants to have for life!

Love also reborn fanatically the Jesuit Catholic Empire – Ricardo Heredia.

The Spaniard cannot turn his back on faith to look love in the eye, but this love is stronger than all ideas and religions. And the confession of his love for Fanny merges into one with a plea for forgiveness before God. The shot puts an end to this painful “rebirth.”

The author of “Condemned Souls” probably longed for a New World, another – a more harmonious world in which Love is reborn! And we long for it! ”Says the director Boyko Iliev.