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Valentin Velchev with a Christmas dance by the author of “One Bulgarian Rose”

Pirin Folk’s favorite – Valentin Velchev surprised his fans with a brand new Christmas song, written especially for him by the author of “One Bulgarian Rose” – the great poet Naiden Valchev.

“Christmas Dance” came out simultaneously with a festive video, which premiered on December 1 on its YouTube channel.

Here is how the singer himself presented his new project on his Facebook page:

“December begins – the month of miracles come true! My dream came true – to have a solo Christmas song, which I am proud to present to you now! There are many songs dedicated to the Nativity of Christ, but I wanted mine to be different – not only to be sung, but also to be played. That’s why I started the preparation early – in the middle of summer.

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The great Bulgarian poet, the living classic of our literature – Naiden Valchev, who is 93 years old and is the author of the verses of favorite golden songs such as “One Bulgarian Rose” (Pasha Hristova), “Every kilometer” (Kosta Karageorgiev), Once upon a time, but not now ”(Duet Riton),“ Miracle ”(Vasil Naidenov) and dozens of others, wrote a Christmas poem especially for me. An exceptional honor, for which I express my gratitude!

After my participation with “Blessed” in this year’s “Pirin Folk”, with the wonderful Antonia Rangelova we turned out to be a successful creative tandem. So I trusted her again for the music and I wasn’t wrong. Because of the wonderful melody she created, she had to mix up the verses and we were left without a third verse, so she had to finish it herself.

Photos: Personal archive

The amazing Svetoslav Loboshki dressed all this in the right sounds and rhythms, so that today we can lead this #ChristmasDance – thank you, friends!

Top photographer Yordan Chapkanov welcomed us in his second home, where we shot the video together with the charming dancers Stefani Georgieva, Nikol Ilieva and Pepa Garkova. My 6-year-old cousin Andrey Borisov gave an extra mood in the pleasant atmosphere, proving himself as an actor and musician. Thanks to the great singer Vanya Kostova and her son Boyan Mihailov, who provided his bagpipe for the photos!

Photos: Personal archive

Perfect cinematography by Georgi Shopov, as always, and hours later his beloved gave him his first son. Last but not least, thanks to Leo Bogdanovski for the script, direction and editing of the video.

This is my #ChristmasDance, with which I wish you unforgettable holidays! ”.