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Two sisters recorded a unique debut album

Since December, the album titled “Beautiful Madness” is available to all users of the music platform Spotify. An elegant mixture of jazz and fusion, with elements of indie-pop and rock music, the album offers music lovers a unique journey in the musical interpretations of the two sisters Iva Todorova and Elena Todorova.

The album is a co-production between IVA and the Bulgarian National Radio.

With their 7, captivating performances in their brand new album “IVA” they transport their fans in different dimensions of an enticing sound with an authentic atmosphere. Inspired by bands such as “Massive Attack”, “Portishead, Jefferson Airplane” and “The Rolling Stones”, IVA combines conventional music structures with experimental sound.

Iva and Elena Todorovi (Source: © IVA)

Here is what Elena Todorova shares about her new music project:

“Every detail is refined, polished and invented so as to satisfy our endless pursuit of the unknown, the curious and the new. The hardest part was finding a new sound, creating a new world and finding the right way to share it with people. ”

And Iva Todorova complements her sister with her opinion about “Beautiful Madness”:

“This album tells stories from the past that are always colliding in the present and I hope they will remain in the future. It is dedicated to our late father – Nikolai Todorov. “

Only a month before the official premiere of the album, the video for the pilot single from the album – “Beautiful Madness” was released on all music platforms.

The text of “Beautiful Madness” is by Elena Todorova. Iva Todorova worked on the music and the arrangement. The recording of the vocals, mix and mastering engineer of the song are the work of Georgi Gogov, who also participated in the creation of the arrangement. The bass guitar was recorded by Veselin Veselinov – Eco.

The video for the song, directed and shot by Jeason Brad Lewis, has been aired on several televisions and is currently gaining popularity on the band’s YouTube channel.

IVA is a group formed by the Todorov sisters. They became popular after Iva Todorova participated in the reality show “The Voice of Bulgaria 2017”. After reaching the quarterfinals, Iva began a musical collaboration with her sister – Elena. The same year they released their first single – “More Time”.

A video was created for it, whose director and artist-animator is Nikolay Todorov Todorov. An acoustic version of “More Time” is presented on the stage of “Sofar” and also tops the ranking “BG top 5” of Radio City.

In 2018 IVA perform a concert on the stage of one of the largest live music clubs in Sofia – Joy Station. The same year the band performed over 20 concerts in front of an audience.

In the autumn of the same year (2018), IVA won the award for best composition at the competition for young jazz musicians of Plovdiv Jazz Fest. That same evening, Maya Raykova (BNR) invited them to record in a second BNR studio.

In the studio (Source: © IVA)

In the beginning of 2019 “IVA” make a big concert in Sofia Live Club together with some of the most active Bulgarian jazz musicians: Veselin Veselinov – Eco, Milen Kukosharov, Magdalena Petrovich. The whole concert was filmed by Vasil Karkelanov and his team. The same evening is the presentation of the new single of the group “Carpe Diem” with an animated video, directed and drawn – again by Nikolay Todorov Todorov.

IVA participated in the “Spring” competition organized by the Bulgarian National Radio with the song “Bipolar” and won an award for participation in the big music festival “Radio Park Fest”, 2019.

In 2019, Iva Todorova participated in the reality show “The Voice of Russia”, where she reached the quarterfinals. Meanwhile, the song “Carpe Diem” tops the BNR Top 20 charts.

At the music festival “Radio Park Fest” in 2019 (Source: © IVA)

At the end of 2019, the two Todorovi sisters started working on their debut album “Beautiful Madness” together with BNR. The music of all the songs was created by Iva and Elena Todorovi, the lyrics are by Elena Todorova, and the arrangements are the work of Iva. The bass lines of several of the songs were recorded by Veselin Veselinov-Eco, and one of the songs includes Ventzi Trifonov with a flute. The recording, processing and post-production were made by Georgi Gogov, who also participated in the album as a guest musician. Magdalena Petrovich also plays in several of the songs.

Source: © IVA

You can hear the album “Beautiful Madness” on Spotify: HERE

You can learn up-to-date information about the band’s music projects from their official social media channels:

Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

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