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Sonya Yoncheva is already an honorary citizen of Plovdiv

The world-famous Bulgarian soprano Sonya Yoncheva has become an honorary citizen of Plovdiv, said the director of the Municipal Institute “Ancient Plovdiv” Bogomil Grozev. At his suggestion and the mayor of the city Zdravko Dimitrov, the singer ranked among the youngest famous citizens of Plovdiv, who deserved great recognition.

Last summer, Sonya Yoncheva gave her hometown the concert “Return” and despite the pandemic managed to fill the Ancient Theater in Plovdiv. Then the singer risky returned after her triumph on the 100th anniversary of the festival in Salzburg to perform.

She appeared on stage together with the young singer Bozhidar Bozhkilov, whom she chose among 50 talented young Bulgarian performers, as well as with her brother Marin Yonchev. The concert was conducted by maestro Naiden Todorov with the Plovdiv Opera Orchestra.

Photo: Alexander Bogdan Thompson

“I am very happy to be recognized in my hometown. Plovdiv is the beginning of my journey. I will always return to it “, said excited Sonya Yoncheva from her home in Geneva.

On February 24, the opera diva will sing at the Victoire de la Musique Awards, and on February 27, the great soprano will give his recital for the Metropolitan Stars live opera series. The concert will be filmed in the library hall of the Schusenrid Monastery in Southeast Germany.

The whole event will last a little over an hour. Excerpts from “Aida”, “Mermaid”, “Bohemia”, “Troubadour”, arias by Purcell and Handel and one of the eternal songs of Edith Piaf – “Hymn of Love” are included. Yoncheva will sing to the accompaniment of Malcolm Martino’s piano.

The first single and video from her new album “Rebirth” enjoys great interest among music lovers around the world.

The album, along with the classical repertoire and music by Claudio Monteverdi, Francesco Cavalli, Orlando Gibbons, Jose Marin, Luis Alarcon, Barbara Strozzi, Alfonso Ferabosco, etc., includes the Bulgarian song “My Fading Lamb” and “Like an Angel”. , passing through my room ”(Like An Angel Passing Through My Room, 1981) from the repertoire of“ ABBA ”, for which the world-famous Bulgarian soprano received the blessing of Benny Anderson from the Swedish group.

Opera prima Sonya Yoncheva (Photo: Sony Classical)

At Yoncheva’s insistence, the video was shot in Bulgaria by a Bulgarian team. The director is Emma Konstantinova, and the cameraman is the winner of the Golden Rose Award Rumen Vassilev. The video features footage from the Rhodope Mountains, Pobitite Kamani, Belogradchik Rocks and the Maritsa River.

At the beginning of March, Sonya Yoncheva’s new fourth album for Sony Classical will be in stores all over the world and on all streaming platforms.

“This project is extremely important to me. With it I want to emphasize the eternal quality of this music and the feeling of infinite freedom that gives us. This is an appeal to rebirth and recovery, which our world desperately needs, “Yoncheva told her record company.

Tickets for “Gala in Sofia” by Sonya Yoncheva and Placido Domingo are on sale at a fast pace, the singer’s management announced. Half of them are already exhausted.

On August 31, Sonya Yoncheva will perform with Placido Domingo at exactly 8 pm on a specially built stage for the concert in front of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. They will perform arias and duets from famous operas.

The main partner of the music event is Sofia Municipality. The Ministry of Culture is also a partner.

Tickets are priced from BGN 50 to BGN 250. Only for the VIP area the passes cost BGN 300 and there is a special gift for them.

All tickets for the concert of Sonya Yoncheva and Placido Domingo are on sale in the network of EasyPay box offices or online at