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“Love” – ​​the musical tale of maestro Kamjalov and Desi Tenekedzhieva

In the month of love, the concert-performance “Love” began with light and ended full of bright messages, a surge of energy, continuity of ideas and a strong dose of new creative thought.

The event, which the Pleven Philharmonic Orchestra presented with two concerts each in Pleven and Sofia on February 11th and 12th, has become one of the fascinating cultural titles of the season.

The project caused a furor with the first announcement in the media, followed by a complete exhaustion of tickets in just a few days.

Maestro Yordan Kamjalov and Desi Tenekedzhieva (Photo: Ivan Yordanov)

Mystery and a sense of magnetism. The audience forgot that he was at a concert and broke away from the reality, captivated by acting sketches, poems and messages, guided by the line of love and intertwined in the musical program.

The show has a definite authorial concept. The program was carefully selected – “Song of Solveig” by Grieg, “Seasons” by Vivaldi (in a new and hitherto unseen interpretation) and Mendelssohn – Symphony No. 2 in D major. Music for connoisseurs and admirers of the classics.

The concept of the show had a cyclical nature that touches all our senses. The stage is “opened” by the instrumentalists in the orchestra, with twinkling lights, as if fireflies are harbingers of music with a new beginning and beauty. After them, the audience was captivated by the two leading figures – He – the conductor Kamjalov and She – the fairy of Love Desi Tenekedzhieva.

Maestro Yordan Kamjalov and Desi Tenekedzhieva (Photo: Ivan Yordanov)

“Two beautiful eyes” by Peyo Yavorov revealed the love theme in the show, the voice of Desi Tenekedzhieva, accompanied by a fine recording of real sounds of birds and streams.

The author’s gestural presentation of the poems of Yavorov and Jacques Prever caused a standing ovation in the whole hall “Bulgaria”. And the music was wonderful. ”Mendelssohn gracefully introduced the audience to the program.

Desi Tenekedzhieva (Photo: Ivan Yordanov)

The angelic voice of Maria Slavova – the first talented talent presented for the evening. Maria came on stage in the full splendor of her youth, charm and talent and presented Grieg’s music with extreme grace, followed by the conductor’s gesture of maestro Yordan Kamjalov and the orchestra.

Maria Slavova (Photo: Ivan Yordanov)

The program continued with an interesting and unusual sound of “Spring” by Vivaldi with a soloist Georgi Dimitrov – Gjozo – classical guitar. The duet moments between the concertmaster of the Pleven Philharmonic Orchestra Chavdar Valkov and the solo guitar sounded impressive. The interpretation was full of a lot of improvisations, given the original work and the guitar interpretation.

Probably in view of the breakthrough timbre of the classical guitar, Kamjalov managed to sculpt a very fine orchestral sound from the orchestra. The duet moments in the third part were complemented by playful suns projected on the beautiful ceiling of the hall.

Georgi Dimitrov – Jojo (Photo: Ivan Yordanov)

Each of the four instrumentalists had two roles in the evening – solo and accompaniment, and immediately after his solo performance, he took the right place, so the orchestra increased its purity and sound volume.

For the accompanying part, Jojo played a small baroque ten-string guitar with a beautiful design and a resonator hole like lace, resembling a rosette of a baroque cathedral. He recreated on guitar the accompanying part of the harpsichord in the next three seasons of “Seasons”.

Georgi Dimitrov – Jojo (Photo: Ivan Yordanov)

Laura Markova, which was the only one to perform the part of the work in the original, also found its own handwriting in the performance. With its part – “Summer” was recreated the fiery feeling of the hot season.

For most of his performance he played without a vibrato, but with great virtuosity and masterful cadences.

Lora Markova (Photo: Ivan Yordanov)

Laura’s inherent sound and technique were unfolded in the singing moments of the slow part and in the virtuoso fast finale.

Lora Markova (Photo: Ivan Yordanov)

Zion Naiman, cello, continued the virtuoso line in “Autumn”, in the first part he easily overcame the difficult passages and made memorable duets, partnering with the concertmaster of cellos in the orchestra Desislava Kostova.

Sion Naiman (Photo: Ivan Yordanov)

Under the conductor’s thought of maestro Kamjalov, Zion and the Pleven Philharmonic Orchestra reached an extremely fine level of quiet music – piano pianissimo and its nuances in the second part, followed by a stark contrast.

It should be noted here that Zion Naiman performed an extremely difficult part in order to recreate the violin of “Autumn” in a frontal interpretation.

Sion Naiman (Photo: Ivan Yordanov)

“Winter” flew into a white suit and shy youth in the image of the exquisite Sara Chakarova – plate percussion instruments. Sarah is a talented musician with an enviable biography for her age, she has even performed at Carnegie Hall. Together with maestro Kamjalov, the young percussionist depicts “Winter” with great certainty and musical technique.

Sarah played like a beast for the finale of this cyclical work and masterfully went through the marimba and the vibraphone several times, recreating all the nuances of the season.

Sara Chakarova (Photo: Ivan Yordanov)

The amalgam between literature and music in “Seasons” was set when the work was created in the early 18th century and the dramatic idea of ​​Desi Tenekedzhieva for the current concert performance, realized musically by maestro Yordan Kamjalov, was to be conductors of the original idea by Vivaldi , but in a new reading for presenting and mixing the arts.

The cyclicity and comparison of the seasons with human life and the contrast of love, life and death was embedded in the performance – musically, poetically, theatrically and as a scenography.

Maestro Yordan Kamjalov and Desi Tenekedzhieva (Photo: Ivan Yordanov)

The shining stage, the fiery orange, a symbol of the sweetness and bitterness of love, the touching voice and strong acting presence of Desi Tenekedzhieva, the bright image of maestro Kamjalov, were an interesting basis for the artistic expression of young talents.

Youth and experience contrasted on stage, transmitting energy, creating in sync. For the orchestra, for which Vivaldi’s Seasons is a repertoire, it was an interesting experience to be part of Love.

Despite the unchanged orchestral part, the whole work sounded different, a new work, with a new interpretation of guitar, cello, marimba and vibraphone, except for the violin.

Maestro Yordan Kamjalov and Sara Chakarova (Photo: Ivan Yordanov)

At the end of the cycle of the four concerts, Maria Slavova shone on the stage again with a short fragment. With her beautiful timbre, she reminded us of the vitality of “Spring”. A small but strong moment of Maria’s improvisation, accompanied by the orchestra and all the soloists.

Maria Slavova (Photo: Ivan Yordanov)

A searchlight mysteriously illuminated the box, from where a beautiful little angel girl appeared and seemed to scatter fluffy white clouds of Paradise.

Photo: Ivan Yordanov

The whole audience in the hall was silent. Four grabbing components kept her focus, without the ability to look around: the space conductor Kamjalov; the concentrated energy and strong emotional soul of Desi Tenekedzhieva, together with the originally directed phonogram with the voices of the actress, the conductor and even the children from Bon-Bon by Rozi Karaslavova; the young amazingly talented musicians – accent in the concert and the strong sound cohesion of the Pleven Philharmonic Orchestra.

Sara Chakarova (Photo: Ivan Yordanov)

This interpretation of the “Seasons” will definitely leave a bright mark. The whole concept of the cyclical nature of life, the fifth season – love, and the message “God is love”, touched the audience. The audience seemed to feel part of the show on an unconscious spiritual level.

Maestro Kamjalov finely modeled the energy in the hall, the music of the orchestra and the soloists. With lights in the orchestra, the show began and ended with light. All young soloists, holders of the great or of the special Award for Flight in Art of the Stoyan Kambarev Foundation and its fellows, as well as laureates of Jordan Kamjalov Foundation, gave a definite request for a world career.

Maestro Yordan Kamjalov and the Pleven Philharmonic (Photo: Ivan Yordanov)

Maestro Yordan Kamjalov with his inherent respect invited each of them for a personal bow from the conductor’s podium. There were sounds of a roaring stream and singing birds again.

The conductor and the soloists bowed to the audience several times with respect – they experienced the moment in sync, even in the final bow. The winner of the idea for the project “Love” – ​​Desi Tenekedzhieva, who is shining with emotion, was also invited to the stage in front for well-deserved applause.

The final bow (Photo: Ivan Yordanov)

Due to the huge interest, the Pleven Philharmonic Orchestra is considering further dates for the fans of “Love”. We sincerely hope that the future audience will have a chance to attend the event without masks and at full capacity.

“Love” took place with the support of Nova Film and IDEA.commAuthor of the text: Tina Koilova (quotations from the analysis of Dimitar Sotirov are also used)Photos: Ivan YordanovDesigner: Anelia Petkova / Bridal Fashion

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