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Imagine that you are participating in a virtual opera in which the main role is yours

Share your reflections on the pandemic situation and become part of the audiovisual project “Reflector” by Dimitar and Neiko Bodurovi by sending them a video with answers to a short survey.

The premiere will be in August this year within the Radar Festival in Varna.

Neiko Bodurov (Photo: Personal archive)

“In early 2020, the world was shaken by a viral pandemic that unprecedentedly affects our lives on many levels. Waves of diverse media information, uncertainty about the origin and nature of the virus, mandatory quarantine have caused confusion and fear in people.

The pandemic has divided and separated us like never before. Each of us inevitably goes through different, sometimes quite extreme feelings and thoughts related to the loss of life, work and perspective.

It is these reflections that are the object of our project “, say Dimitar and Neiko Bodurovi.

“Through a short survey we would like to accumulate as many personal videos as possible with your answers. It is these videos that will serve as the basis of our audio-visual project, in which you are the main characters, and your stories – our libretto “, they add and invite you:

“The interactive approach with the audience aims not to politicize the content, or to create a discussion, and at least to provide answers to the way out of the situation. On the contrary, we want to draw attention to the less visible effects of the situation that are not mentioned in the news, namely the emotional state and personal space. And by sharing the palette of emotions. ”

Dimitar Bodurov (Photo: Personal archive)

The idea for this project was born in the summer of 2020. And to this day the topic is becoming more relevant. Brothers Dimitar and Neiko Bodurovi compose and perform the music. They will be joined on stage by a small group of musicians as well as a chamber string orchestra.

The premiere will take place in the summer of 2021 as part of the Radar Festival.

The project is funded by the Creative Initiatives 2020 program of the National Culture Fund.

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