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The International Book Day will be marked with an appeal

The International Book Giving Day – February 14, will be marked with a call to companies and individuals to donate books, the Bulgarian Book Association (ABC) announced.

The day is celebrated for the first time in 2012. Currently, 44 countries support the initiative, including France, India, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Egypt, Canada, Mexico, Hungary and Bulgaria.

The Book Giving campaign is a campaign for donating books and another occasion to donate a book to the institutions that take care of our spiritual growth and education, preserve the book as a value, and enlighten with knowledge, namely – schools, libraries, community centers, they point out. from ABC.

Book Giving is a natural continuation of the Buy 1 Book campaign, which began in April last year to help the book, preserve it as a value and ensure its future.

Under her hat were the initiatives “To have the book”, “Buy 1 book”. Donate it to your school ”,“ Buy 1 book. Give it away for Christmas ”and the current“ Buy 1 book. Make a loved one happy “, added ABC.