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“Tales for a Typewriter” – unpublished collection of Gianni Rodari (EXCERPT)

From today on the market you can now find the luxury edition “Tales for a typewriter” from the publishing house “Ciela”, a new unpublished collection by the classic author of children’s tales and novels Gianni Rodari (“Favorite Christmas Stories by Gianni Rodari”, “The Fantastic Gondola”, “Grammar of Fantasy”, “Tales as much as a smile”, “Gelsomino in the Land of Liars”)

As a kind of continuation of “Talks on the phone”, one of the most beloved collections of the author, which has become an integral part of the curriculum in literature, “Typewriter Tales” meets us with even more unusual characters, unpredictable situations and surprises.

Can a clever crocodile use the elevator? And an ordinary postman to lift an entire island to win a power race? While the newborn Carlino shows his parents how to read and count, a beautiful dissatisfied doll prefers to play with cars. And under the cover of garden leaves, the brave gardener Fortunino does everything possible to save his favorite flowers from their new evil owner.

Today’s world looks different: there are no more pirates roaming the seas in search of treasure, no one wears felt hats, and newspapers are mostly electronic. But friendship, love, kindness and big hearts remain unchanged – as well as the importance of imagination, which can be used to defeat any injustice.

Hardcover and rich illustrations of Damyan Damyanov“Typewriter Tales” is also a special edition that celebrates 100 years since the birth of the author, part of the global campaign to celebrate the occasion – 100 GIANNIRODARI. Gianni Rodari is one of the narrators, inseparably connected with the childhood of many generations in Bulgaria.

Now, for the first time, the children of former children are immersed in his vast fantasy. He withstood the test of time with his exceptional imagination, sense of humor and deep philosophy. Rodari sounds just as bright today as it did then.

From “Typewriter Tales“, Gianni Rodari (EXCERPT)

Carlino, Carlo, Carlino or how to wean children from some bad habits

“Here’s your Carlino,” Senor Alfio’s midwife said, introducing him to the boy who had just arrived from the maternity ward.

“But what a Carlino!” Senor Alfio heard a scream. “It simply came to our notice then. Call me Carlo, Paolo or Vercingetorix. Call me even Leopardo, but be a reasonable name. Did you understand? ”

Senor Alfio looked at the child in astonishment, he had not opened his mouth. These words sounded directly in his brain. The midwife also heard them: – Bray, so small, and already able to convey thoughts.

“And how else” – the voice commented. “Can I speak with still unformed vocal cords?”

“All right, let’s put him in the cradle, then we’ll see,” said Senor Alfio, still stunned.

He was placed in the cradle near his sleeping mother. Senor Alfio went for a moment beyond, wanting to tell his eldest daughter to turn off the radio so as not to disturb the little one. However, he gave him an urgent message with absolute advantage: “Dad, what’s going on in your head? You want to interrupt Schubert’s sonata for arpeggio точно.

“Arpegione?” Repeated Senor Alfio. “I thought it was a cello.”

“Of course it was a cello. Now they perform this composition, written by Schubert in 1824. IN la minorif we have to be precise. But he composed it for the arpeggione: a type of large six-string guitar invented a year earlier in Vienna by Georg Stauffer. This instrument, also called “love guitar” or “cello guitar”, had little success and short life, but the sonata is quite pleasant. “

“I’m sorry, but how do you know these things?” Senor Alfio stammered.

“How else?” The newborn replied telepathically. “You put before my eyes, there in that cupboard, a magnificent musical dictionary: how can I not see that in the first volume, on page eighty-two, it says exactly about arpeggione?”

Senor Alfio concluded that his son, in addition to conveying thoughts, could read from a distance in a closed book. Before he even learned to read.

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When the mother awoke, she was very delicately informed of the events, but still burst into tears. There was no handkerchief on hand to wipe his eyes. Then a drawer in a dresser opened silently on its own and flew out of it, leaving a well-folded, white handkerchief washed with Bronk, the favorite detergent of Queen Elizabeth’s wardrobe. The handkerchief landed on Senor Adele’s pillow as little Carlo practiced winking in the cradle.

“Did you like the trick?” He asked thoughtfully. The midwife ran with her hands raised to the ceiling. Senora Adele fainted at the same moment. Senor Alfio lit a cigarette, then threw it away: that was not what he wanted to do. Then he said to him:

– Son, you acquire bad habits, absolutely incompatible with the label. Since when does an obedient child open mom’s drawers without asking permission?

At that moment, the firstborn Antonia, unspoken Chichi, fifteen years and five months old, appeared at the door. She greets her brother warmly.

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– Hello how are you?

“In general, good. I’m just a little dizzy. After all, I am born for the first time. “

“Look, are you talking with a thought?” You ‘re really cool. Will you tell me how you do it?

“It’s easy: when you want to talk, instead of opening your mouth, you close it. It’s also more hygienic. “

– Carlo! Exclaimed Senor Alfio, very indignant. “Don’t start spoiling your sister from day one, she’s a decent girl.”

– My God! Senora Adele sighed, recovering. – What will the porter say, what will my father say – a bank clerk with old understandings and strict habits, the last descendant of the family, who gave many colonels from the cavalry!

“Well, come on, until recently, I’m going to do my math homework,” Chichi said.

“Mathematics?” Carlo asked, puzzled. “AHA understood. Euclid, Gauss, these things. But if you use the text in your hand, know that the solution of problem number 118 is wrong: X is not equal to one third, but to two forty-third. “

“And he now allows himself to criticize the textbooks, like the newspapers on the left,” Senor Alfio said bitterly.

He told everything to the family doctor in his office, while in the waiting room, Senor Adele was caring for the child Carlo.

“Ah,” sighed Dr. Foyeti, “there is nothing sacred anymore!” How far will we get: with so many strikes… Now with this VAT, what awaits us. A maid can no longer be found; forbid the police to shoot; the villagers refuse to raise rabbits… Try calling a plumber and we’ll talk. Sister, let them in.

He had scarcely been brought in, and Carlo sensed intuitively, by signs only he noticed, that Dr. Foyetti had lived in Zagreb for several years; so she turned to him in Croatian (mentally, of course): Doctor, verytoškoI digest; CthisaxisCamSourtaste: especiallyletdishesbornI candigest.

This meant: Doctor, I digest very hard; I often taste sour: some foods are downright unbearable.

Surprised unprepared, the doctor replied in the same language: – Here you gotheexionbed, pleaseYou Please lie down on the bed.

Then he banged his head for reacting like that and got to work. The detailed examination lasted two days and thirty-six hours and revealed that little Carlo, forty-seven days old, could:

– to read in Dr. Foyetti’s brain the names of all his relatives, all the way to his fourth-degree cousins, and to absorb all his scientific, literary, philosophical and football knowledge, accumulated from early childhood;

– to find a Guatemalan postage stamp hidden under eighteen kilos of medical books;

– to move only with a glance for fun the arrow on the scale, on which the nurse checks the weight of the sick;

– to receive and broadcast radio programs, including those with frequency modulation and stereophony;

To project television broadcasts on the wall, showing a certain intolerance of Risk everything;

– to sew the torn apron of the doctor – just by putting his hands on top;

– observing the picture of a patient, to feel severe stomach pain and unmistakably diagnose acute appendicitis;

– to prepare a pan with semolina for dessert from a distance, without gas. In addition, it can rise from the ground to a height of five meters and nineteen centimeters; to pull out with the power of thought a medallion with the face of St. Anthony from a box of cigars, taped with three rolls of duct tape; to make the painting of Giulio Turcato disappear from the wall; to materialize a turtle in the medicine cabinet and a mulberry stalk in the tub; to hypnotize a few wilting chrysanthemums, restoring their bright colors. To touch a stone from the Urals and then recite the detailed and documented history of the Russian avant-garde in the twentieth century; to mummify dead fish and birds; to stop the fermentation of wine and more.

– Is it serious? Asked the impressed señora Adele.

“An almost hopeless case,” Dr. Foyeti said. “If he behaves like that at forty-seven days, what will he be like at forty-seven months?”

“And at forty-seven?”

– Hmm, then he will be in hard labor for a long time.

“What a disgrace to his grandfather!” Exclaimed Señora Adele.

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