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“Letters of Omar to his future wife” is the new non-standard book by the writer, poet and actress Rene Karabash

Rene surprises us again with something unusual and extravagant, which deals with the topic of the human search for true love in life. It is difficult to put a label or a specific genre on this book. This is a letter book. Epistolary poetry in prose. A book-attempt to blur the boundaries between the beloved and God, between the beloved and oneself. This is a book for those who see in the dark.

A man named Omar writes and sends letters to his future wife, whom he has not yet met and whom he does not know. She doesn’t know when and where she will appear in his life, she doesn’t know what she looks like or if she was born at all. Then where exactly does he send these letters? Does anyone get them? Will he get an answer from her? These are questions that lose their meaning, sinking into the depths in which this time Rene plunges us, and we imperceptibly begin to become Omar.

These painfully frank, love letters make us wonder if Omar is not looking for his lost God and if only when we become perfectly whole and truly love ourselves will we meet the dream of love that will remain this time…

From: “Letters of Omar to his future wife” by Rene Karabash

The answers to these questions are hidden in the 10 letters in the book. But who is the 11th letter from? Find out for yourself.

“Letters from Omar to his future wife”:

“Letters of Omar to his future wife” by Rene Karabash

Author: Rene KarabashEditor: Aziz TashArtist: Lyuba HalevaJanet 45 Publishing House

The book can be ordered online from the website of Janet 45 Publishing House, from Helicon, Ozone and other online bookstores.

You can also order the book from the autographed author herself, through its pages in: INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | WEBSITE or from Pop up Econt: HERE

From: “Letters of Omar to his future wife” by Rene Karabash

Here are the first reviews of the book:

Aziz Tash (editor of the book):

When I received Omar’s zero letter to his future editor, my professional deformities took over and my first association with the title was not related to a delicacy from the frutti di mare series, but to the name of the second righteous caliph and his baptisms (not a cross, and with a crescent moon) favorite actor from the five Oscar-winning “Doctor Zhivago”. But as they say – a nut!

The letters that Omar Sharif would have dreamed of sending to Geraldine Chaplin, to Julie Christie, and with which Rene Karabash is trying to take on board another literary genre in his writing career, are from someone with a lobster head who is looking for one with a shrimp head. While, with a red-pointed pen in my hand, I read the letters and suppressed to blue that I was of no use to their next recipients, I wondered why ajeba Rene, instead of inviting me to make a salad, thrilled to see the light of day a collection of poems, she placed me in the center of a target of ten epistolary circles, formed by the eleventh love letter-stone thrown in her imagination. It is possible that one of her ideas was to make a face-to-face bet on “male” letters with a pair of male eyes.

The more important result, however, was that the letters gave me an unadulterated sense of home, made possible by someone or something in the future that anyone could return to the present, whether or not they would actually exist.

What impressed me the most was that once again the Blackhead (Kara-bash) managed not to be herself, that is – to write something that has nothing to do with her previous texts, while avoiding one of the main temptations for every poet – originality for the sake of originality itself. Instead, she preferred to be “the hand that lets go of your hand to go to the other page”… Take advantage…

From: “Letters of Omar to his future wife” by Rene Karabash

Krassimir Lozanov (Marketing Director of Janet 45 Publishing House):

“Renee has written something very different and very interesting this time as well. I remember the skepticism with which I approached when I started reading her manuscript – I am always very skeptical when I have to read texts about love, I find it difficult to decide. I know how extremely difficult a topic it is – clichés lurk everywhere, every reader is a specialist, everyone knows how, where and why, smart advice from everywhere…

In general, a very awkward topic, ideal for failure. However, Renee found a correct code. A cunning and clever girl, she does not go to handle the various keys and keys. And she pulls out an insidiously prepared dowel without worrying about whether it’s according to the rules or not. And hop, it opens the hard door. “Please come, see now what I have prepared for you.” So I somehow found myself very quickly inside, where it’s magical and where there’s so much to see. And I can say that under the dome of this book is really interesting. And exciting.

I have a guess that “Omar’s Letters” will be recognized as necessary and important, will be read, re-read, given, discussed, quoted, transcribed, loved, stolen (even stolen) – by some people to whom I no longer seem to belong . And whom I envy very, very much – for the fact that they have all of themselves, that they still find the strength, senses and metabolism to think and make love through such pure and transparent formulas as Rene thinks. I can only be happy for you.

Rene did her job, Lyuba Haleva also did a great job. Editor Aziz Tash – and so does he. All you have to do is show an unhealthy curiosity like me, take a look at the Letters and find out if I’m lying to you or not.