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Emilian Stanev continues to be one of the most translated Bulgarian writers abroad

Last year Emilian Stanev continued to be one of the most translated Bulgarian writers abroad, said for BTA Dr. Radka Pencheva, head of the house-museum “Emilian Stanev” in Veliko Tarnovo and chairman of the Association “Emilian Stanev”, which is responsible for the copyright of the writer during its republishing in our country and for his translations abroad.

In 2020, the second volume of the novel “Ivan Kondarev” was published in Germany for the first time, which includes the third and fourth parts of the work. The first volume, entitled “Hot Summer” in German, was translated by Barbara Sparring in 1963.

Curiously, Emilian Stanev completed the book in 1964, but the first two parts of the tetralogy were translated into German immediately after their publication in Bulgarian back then, Pencheva said.

In 2020, translator Dorothea Kolenbach financed the German-language edition of Hot Autumn. The book is luxurious, with a hard cover, covered with canvas and a paper cover.

The author of the extensive foreword is Prof. Boyan Valchev, a longtime lecturer at the Faculty of Philology at the University of Cologne, who explains to German readers the complex moments of Bulgarian history related to the events of 1923, when the plot unfolded. The edition also contains a summary of the plot of the first two parts, as well as a register of the characters in the novel.

Over the years, Dorothea Kolenbach has translated into German the novel “The Queen of Tarnovo” by Emilian Stanev, as well as the novel “Lieutenant Benz” by Dimitar Dimov.

According to Dr. Pencheva, the interest in the work of Emilian Stanev abroad does not decrease even today, although this year marks 114 years since his birth. The reason is the wide range of plots, characters and ideas in his works. In fact, good storytellers, who can fascinatingly tell about life in the forest, about love, history, the mystical or the everyday, are always sought after and loved, no matter where in the world their readers are, said Pencheva.

Emilian Stanev

Another proof is that in 2020 the second edition of one of the brightest works of art by Emilian Stanev – the novel “Antichrist” will be published in Poland.

The wonderful translation into Polish is the work of one of the greatest connoisseurs of the Bulgarian language and literature, Prof. Wojciech Galonzka, longtime director of the Polish Cultural Institute in Sofia. As the novel contains many ancient words and linguistic constructions from the Old Bulgarian language, which are difficult to translate, the publication is accompanied by a short dictionary of their meaning from the point of view of the modern Polish language, also compiled by the translator.

The luxury volume is published by Scriptum in Krakow and is part of the Small Library for Bulgarian Literature series. Over 10 Bulgarian classics and contemporary authors are included in it, and the selection and translation are by Wojciech Galonzka, said Dr. Pencheva.

At the beginning of 2021, there is also a declared interest from a French translator to publish the animalistic prose of Emilian Stanev in France, and this will probably happen by the end of the year, said Dr. Pencheva. She added that the writer’s work has been published and republished in more than thirty languages ​​around the world, which makes him one of the most translated Bulgarian writers and is proof of his world literary class.

The house-museum “Emilian Stanev” in Veliko Tarnovo

Due to the pandemic situation last year and at the beginning of this year, the flow of tourists and fans of his work to the house-museum “Emilian Stanev”, located in the picturesque part of old Tarnovo, has decreased, but in this period the curators have managed to digitize the rich photo archive of the author, which is kept in the museum.

Over 2000 photographs from the beginning of the last century present interesting meetings of the writer with other artists – his contemporaries. Among them are Dimitar Talev, Yordan Radichkov, Petar Dinekov, Blaga Dimitrova, Yordan Vassilev. The digital archive also contains photos of his wife Nadezhda Staneva, who was among the best translators from French in the last century.