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Vera Kochovska’s daughter – Desislava: Vanga considered my mother her daughter

The legendary Pleven healer Vera Kochovska, Desi’s mother, is said to have had a “third eye” with which she saw in the fourth dimension. Similar abilities are manifested in 1 in 50,000 people. Capacities in medicine have photographed a glowing halo above her head. An X-ray revealed that her spine was as transparent as glass. Its cerebrospinal fluid was similar in composition to that of the dolphins.

“This woman does not belong to the human race,” said scientists from Moscow and Tokyo, who have documented their research on the superpowers of the Pleven healer.

Vera Kochovska (Photo: Personal archive)

Desislava Kochovska was born on September 21, 1981 in Pernik, has lived in Pleven for many years, and now with her husband Ivaylo and their 10-month-old son Vladimir, named after their grandmother Vera, they have settled in Sofia. She graduated in “Social Activities” at the University of Shumen.

Desi has been closest to her famous mother over the years. Until 10 years ago, when on February 11 the healer left this world.

– Desi, February 11 marks the 10th anniversary of the death of your mother, the healer Vera Kochovska… How did relatives and friends celebrate it?– As it is the previous Saturday before the date, my brother and about ten closest friends gathered at the funeral service at the grave and celebrated it. I couldn’t go because of the child. I know from my mother that a pregnant woman and a child should not go to a cemetery until they are one year old. It’s just not good for them. And I’ve heard it from many other people.

But now in April, when Vladimir turns one year old, we will go to his mother’s grave.

“Has your pain subsided at least a little?”– I can not believe that 10 years have passed. The pain is not gone. Even from year to year, it seems to get bigger. You just learn to live with it. Many times it has happened to me to get on public transport, for example, to think about my mother and tears start to flow. No matter how much a person wants to forget it, it is not forgotten, it remains in the subconscious.

Photo: Personal archive

They told me: “Give birth to a child and it won’t hurt you so much!” No such thing. Exactly on her birthday, on July 27, I took the child, we went out on the terrace, and he was a baby, whether he understood or not, but I started telling him: “Today your grandmother has a birthday, if she were alive, we would be in Pleven… ”And I cried.

– Do you feel it physically in any way?“Sometimes I feel close to me.” I walk down the street as if he’s behind me – and I turn around. And it happened to me at home… Since she died, I have dreamed of her twice. And when he died, I felt it. I got sick, I got sick, it was Friday, my brother called and said he was gone…

Desi (Photo: Personal archive)

– Has her spirit been preserved in your apartment in Pleven?– I go less often because it gets even harder. But everything she collected – dolls, watches, which were her weakness, gifts that were brought to her, are there and she is protected. Mother accepted gifts from people she felt very close to, not from everyone.

But there I feel emptiness and lack. I feel powerless. I was used to her being home when I got home. To go to her bedroom, hug and kiss her and tell her how much I love her. Where it was written in the beginning that something was knocking, knocking in our country, there are no such things!

– What are her words that you remember most often?– My mother often said that quadrupeds, if they could talk, would not talk to bipeds. I didn’t understand her at all then. But the moment I took a dog, I realized what her words meant. Dogs are sent to teach us humans many things. No matter how many words we say to people, we cannot achieve the power and impact of one look at them.

Photo: Personal archive

We have two dogs, the brown one is called Elinor and the black one is Dea.

With faithful friends Elinor and Dea (Photo: Personal archive)

– What else did you advise?– He wanted me to be a man first of all, he always said that you should not look in someone else’s pitcher, but in your own.

“What would she tell people if she were alive now, during the pandemic?”

“As before, she would give them strength and try to tell them the truth, it would calm them down.” I think so…

– 10 months ago she became a mother, her son named her mother, Vladimir…“The yellow sites immediately thought he had inherited his grandmother’s gift.” I don’t know such a thing. He is so small…

We named it after her. I have the feeling that he is constantly by his side, watching him and guiding him from above what to do. I have that feeling. I don’t know if it’s out of grief, if it’s out of a desire to really be like that, but we also commented with his father му

With her husband Ivailo (Photo: Personal archive)

– Desi, Vera Kochovska predicted the future. Tell us about specific cases you have witnessed?– We were in Russia and the next day we had to leave for Bulgaria. We sat and had dinner. There were people from the embassy. As we talked, her face changed, she became a different person, she narrowed her eyes as if the sun were shining in them – as always when there are visions. He said: “I hear a child crying, there will be a lot of death!”

Everyone fell silent. She calmed down, as if nothing had happened. After 2-3 days, the news reported about the drowned children in the Lim River.

Desi Kochovska (Photo: Personal archive)

Another case. Mother saw that the American shuttle would fall. She said it at home, in front of a lot of people, her friends. Hours passed, someone turned on the TV and announced the shuttle. Lady Diana also warned of the crash. A woman from the English embassy had come to us. My mother told her to give it to whoever needed it. But the woman replied that she could not afford such a thing, she was afraid.

– How does your mother acquire her incredible abilities?– When she was 13 years old, she was playing with the children outside and she was hit by a truck. She was taken to the Pernik hospital. She was in a coma for two months, all in a cast. When she comes out of the coma, she begins to see the internal organs of the doctors around her and to tell them what will happen to them in the future.

At first they don’t believe her. She began to hide that she had such abilities because it was not well received at the time.

– What happens next?– My mother is from Pernik, she grew up there. My parents went to the Soviet Union to work to earn some money. There my mother was in construction, she operated these machines that break the ground. She was a brigade chief. My brother and I were born in Pernik. I was little when my father left us. Our mother raised us. In fact, she watched our father while we lived together, because he was still out of work.

Desi Kochovska (Photo: Personal archive)

How did Vera Kochovska change physically when she was receiving treatment?

The palm of one hand blackened. One hand was very cold and the other was hot. When she was being treated, her blood pressure jumped above 200. Her heart was in a state of pre-infarction. A straight line appeared on the electrocardiogram, which in practice meant clinical death.

– What happened after I got sick?– What they said that God had punished her and she no longer sees, is not true. She had much more power when she was sick! But she didn’t want people to see her in that helpless state. He even let a few of his friends come.

– She did not accept patients…“But they didn’t leave her alone!” In 2005, my mother fell in the bathroom and broke her leg. After the stroke, one of her legs was slightly bent down and tossed it, stumbling and falling.

A woman comes home. “Good day – good day! I want to go to Mrs. Kochovska! ” I tell her: “No, she has a broken leg! The woman erupted: “What are you, that you will lie to me ?! I answer her: “Her daughter! She invaded, and we had doctors. I have had cases where I explained that my mother was not well and could not accept, and they threatened me with the police! They think I’m lying to them! I had even put a “Resuscitation” note on the front door… Because someone was constantly calling and wanting to enter… The doctors had given me an apron and a mask and so I went out the door.

Photo: Personal archive)

– Did your mother want anything from these people who were in positions and were her patients?– Not never. She was looking to give of herself rather than take.

“You say she didn’t accept gifts from everyone?”– He refused the gifts, he said – to go to church! He only accepted gifts from those closest to him. He didn’t like to take from everyone. And she taught me not to take from everyone. I didn’t ask her why. She knew best.

“Is there anything that hurt you from what you heard about your mother?”“That she’s doing black magic!”

With faithful friends Elinor and Dea (Photo: Personal archive)

– How did you feel about the material?“She wasn’t the kind of person who makes money.” He even handed out money. They wrote that we shared some millions with my brother. No such thing…

I remember something painful from my childhood. My mother’s purse was always full of business cards, with slips of paper with telephone numbers on them. It was getting thick, it couldn’t close. A classmate ran into her in a store. I go to school, and she says, “Your mother’s purse was full of bundles!”

– The anger towards her, towards your family, was great…– I was very envied at school. I was in 8th grade somewhere. Two classmates come to me: “What is your mother doing to treat people ?! When a person imagines something, he manages on his own! A few days later, one of them came and roared: “My mother’s best friend is very ill, let your mother accept her!” Then I told her: “Imagine, she will be fine!”

And I didn’t connect her to her mother. When my mother died, various well-wishers started asking me and my brother: “Aren’t you thinking of starting work now? I was terribly surprised and told them: “My brother and I have not stopped working!” They hinted that our mother survived, and we are idlers… I watched her for 8 years, and then I started studying and working. My brother too.

– They also said that you and your brother quarreled over Vera’s apartment?“We’ve never had a dispute about housing or anything.” Shortly after my mother died, we went to the notary to get a power of attorney, and she asked us if we would share the apartment. My brother said with tears in his eyes: “How much more should we share it? It’s me and my sister. What more can we share ?! ”

– Is it true that Vanga considered your mother her daughter?– When mom went to her, Vanga did not accept anyone else. Vanga loved her very much and told her: “You are my daughter!” She also told her that she was very strong. I did not attend their meetings, but I know that neither my mother looked at Vanga, nor she looked at her.

They talked about their stuff…

Interview with Valeria KALCHEVA