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They collected in 58 hours the amount for which Haytov’s heirs sentenced Kalin Terziiski

It took only 58 hours to collect the amount for which the writer Kalin Terziiski was convicted by Nikolai Haitov’s heirs. A few days ago, he was recognized as the last instance in the defamation lawsuit filed against him by Zdravets, Alexander and Elena Haitovi for his words in a TV interview in 2016 addressed to Nikolay Haitov and Yordan Radichkov. He then called them “servants of a regime I cannot stand.” They made “Zhivkov’s shit”.

After the trial, Terziiski called on his fans on Facebook to help him pay the sum of BGN 6,345 by making donations for the “right to free speech.” Only two days later it was collected and the writer thanked them with an emotional post on the social network:

“Friends. The money for this sad claim of the Hayts was collected in 58 hours! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! In fact – thanks to the skin, liver, nose, eyes and pancreas. Because all of me lived terribly miserably during those five years, in which the Hayts persecuted me relentlessly (even without much interest in it, their lawyers did) – and in those five years I felt threatened, almost doomed. How will I pay so much money? – I said to myself in the middle of the night three years ago and I was sweating. I will manage! – I said to myself and my sweat was freezing – cold and determined. Sometimes I was angry, sometimes I was desperate. And yet I’m lying. In those years I was completely happy. Because I wrote, I lived, I painted, I lived, I ran in the streets, I met beautiful and ugly faces, I wrote about them, I painted them again and again and again. Infinitely. Life is endless if you live inside it and do not think about its extremes. Moments are billions – if you are careful and do not miss them. And you were beside me and you were those faces. And I was really happy because the artist is happy. If he is not – he hands over his creative tools, gives up his uniform – and finally – he flows back into the ranks of those who are unhappy because they do not create. And man is a creator – because he creates the days of his life. Now I think: Should I not cry? I remember Achilles handing over the body of the murdered Hector to his father Priam. Did Achilles cry for Hector? I, thanks to the living love of the people, defeated an ugly worm. The worm of hatred. Thanks to you, I have defeated the ridiculous greed or revenge of some old people. I haven’t defeated Hector, damn it. My victory is not over something proud and big. But… Actually – I know. Victory is over soullessness. Victory is over indifference. Victory is over the cowardly worship of old idols. Victory is for the new, strong-willed spirit who can choose whom to love – and to love the one he has chosen, not the one he is commanded to love. I really hope I won not because of hatred. And of love and poultry. Not revenge, but friendship. Not out of malice, but out of tenderness. To have won from beauty to beauty is called victory. And I believe in that!

Ah, yes. I believe in you too. You are good people. Everyone is what they are. Stay the way you are. Beauty is in the truth. And I’m a good person. Because I am exactly as God made me. And I gladly accept his gift – called Me.

Again – thank you all for all your saved lives. Hooray!

P.P. For those who like to hate, I will humbly clarify that I also contributed my only collected about a thousand and I do not know how many levs. So the greedy old men will drink my blood too, but – to have fun, drive, ”Kalin Terziiski wrote on Facebook.