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The former director of the National Theater, Prof. Vasil Stefanov, has died

The former director of the National Theater, Prof. Vasil Stefanov, has died. The sad news was announced by his colleagues on the website of NT “Ivan Vazov”.

“Prof. Vasil Stefanov has left us – a long-time director of the National Theater, a penetrating and profound theater historian, theorist and critic, a high-class intellectual.

The title of one of his books – “The National Theater as Destiny” is indicative and deeply true, because Prof. Stefanov really turned his work in the National Theater into his destiny.

As director of the theater in one of the most difficult and complex years – from 1990 to 1999 and from 2003 to 2008, Prof. Stefanov upheld and affirmed the high criteria of a real, living and necessary theater, “wrote as a last farewell to the “National Theater as Fate” colleagues of the 87-year-old Prof. Stefanov.

The worship in front of the memory of Prof. Vasil Stefanov will be on Sunday, December 20, 2020, from 11:00 am in the Central Lobby of the theater.

Vasil Stefanov (Photo: BulFoto)

The theater theorist, historian, critic, pedagogue Vasil Stefanov (V. St. Dimchev) was born on November 15, 1933 in the city of Varna. Graduated from VITIZ “Kr. Sarafov ”(1958). He acquired the scientific titles of Doctor (1969) and Doctor of Arts (1979) after defending his dissertations “Problems of Composition in Contemporary Bulgarian Drama” and “Absurdism or Theater of Alienation”. He worked as a literary associate and editor in the magazine “Theater” (1958 – 1970) and in the newspaper “Literary Front” (1966-1967), research associate (1970) senior researcher II degree (1972), senior Senior Research Fellow, Professor (1982) in the section “Theory and History of Theater” at the AI ​​at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Deputy – Director (1976 – 1983), Head of the Section “Theory and History of Theater” (1987 – 1991, since 1995), Chairman of the Scientific Council of AI (since 1996), Member of the Specialized Council for Theater Studies, Cinematography and Cinematography at the Higher Attestation Commission and the Commission at the Higher Attestation Commission for Literary Studies, Linguistics and Art (1976-1985), Head Department of Art in the magazine “Fatherland” (1975 – 1979), Deputy. General Director of the Theater and Music Association (1979-1984) at the Ministry of Culture, Director of the Ivan Vazov National Theater (1900-1999, since 2003).

He gave a course of lectures on contemporary theater (1980-1981) at the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts, on drama theory (1991-1992) and theater marketing (1993) at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ”, in drama theory and theater of the absurd in the master’s faculty at the theater department of NBU (since 1994). Since 1952 he has collaborated in theoretical and historical studies, theater and literary publications. Author of the stage composition “Centennial Funny Theater” (DT – Varna, 1968). Winner of national awards and state and international awards (French Order of Merit for Art and Literature).

Works: Drama and composition. S., 1965; Contemporary puppet theater. S. 1971; Theatrical meetings. S., 1973; A hundred years of funny theater. S., 1973; The absurdism or theater of alienation. S., 1977; Literature and theater. Select Works. S., 1983; History of the Bulgarian theater. T. I. From birth to 1878. S., 1997; The sentence of the connoisseur.

A tribute to his memory!