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The famous artist Gancho Karabadzhakov died

The artist Gancho Karabadzhakov died early this morning at the regional hospital in Veliko Tarnovo.

In 2001 he was briefly Deputy Minister of Culture at NMSS, and in the period 2008-2011 he was director of the art gallery “Boris Denev” in Veliko Tarnovo, from the end of the same year he was deputy mayor of the city.

Gancho Karabadzhakov

“He is not a covid. He tested negative for coronavirus. The probable cause of his death was a cardiovascular accident. He has had two heart attacks, “said the director of the hospital, Dr. Stefan Filev.

Gancho Karabadzhakov was born in 1951 in Yambol. After graduating from an art high school in Kazanlak, his path continued at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, where he studied illustration and book design with Prof. Hristo Neykov. After graduation he realized dozens of monumental frescoes and developed his characteristic painting. Apart from being an artist, Gancho Karabadzhakov is also an active public figure.

The Family, Gancho Karabadzhakov (Source: Archive of Kavalet Gallery)

“Village holiday”, Gancho Karabadzhakov (Source: Archive of “Kavalet” Gallery)

Since 1981 he has participated in all regional and national exhibitions of paintings, and works in the field of monumental arts. He has over fifty solo exhibitions in the country and abroad.

Gancho Karabadzhakov works in the field of figural painting. Characteristic of his style is the soft and unobtrusive grotesque, through which he recreates not only everyday and erotic plots, typical of the Balkan peoples, but also wonderful biblical and historical scenes.

Diogenes, Gancho Karabadzhakov (Source: Archive of Kavalet Gallery)

He will go down in history as one of the best figural painters.

A tribute to his memory!