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Martina Apostolova in front of a CINEMA host: All women are Irina

In the first edition of the video “The Cinema Host” viewers will see the personal story of Martina Apostolova’s revelation about her work on the role of Irina in the film of the same name by the director Nadezhda Koseva. Viewers will learn interesting facts, personal findings, practice, approach and training that were necessary to build the image, said the organizers of the platform NO BLINK.

“When I was preparing, I watched a lot of master classes because I really didn’t know what cinema was!”, Shares Martina Apostolova.

The role of Irina brought Martina Apostolova the recognition “Rising Star of European Cinema” at the Berlinale, numerous international awards and “Golden Rose”. A remarkable achievement for the first feature film.

Every detail that Martina shares in her video story is interesting and full of truth.

From the participation in the casting to the final realization, all the questions and vicissitudes told in the first person, singular. Every viewer will be able to reveal the “secret” of her great success: “First of all, I create his prehistory, his life until the moment I meet him!”, She said.

The new format of KINODIVODER will allow guests to reveal more details, using visual materials for addition and proof. Directors, actors, cameramen are expected to visit the column, who will “confess” hidden details and personal methods from their work in various projects. A critical text by Drago Simeonov has already appeared in the series.

NO BLINK is a platform for promoting only Bulgarian short films and movies.

The film presenter is realized with the assistance of the National Culture Fund.