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In memory of Tatiana Lolova – a special edition of her latest biographical book

On March 22, 2021, our beloved Tatiana Lolova passed away. One of the greatest and most talented Bulgarian actresses. There are no irreplaceable people, but there are unique ones. She is one of them. Lastly, she shared with her audience her notebooks and drawings, which she had kept for so many years. Open them to remember your husband Slaveto.

Tatiana Lolova presents her book (Source: Knigomania Publishing House)

Thus was born the book “Diaries & Weekdays”, edited and edited by journalist Georgi Toshev. The book was presented in October 2019 at the Peroto Literary Club at the National Palace of Culture, as well as in a series of trips in the country and abroad. The provided photos, a memory from the premiere, are of the photographer Orlin Ognyanov.

From today in bookstores you can find the special edition of “Diaries & Weekdays” in memory of the queen of the theater. A large card with an author’s cartoon by Tatiana Lolova dated March 19, 1988 is included in the book as a gift. This edition reveals the talent of the actress not only on stage and screen, but also her skills to paint, design clothes and dolls. to present himself through his stories about colleagues, friends, acquaintances, reminded by Knigomania Publishing House.

Tatiana Lolova illuminated not only the stage and the screen. Her appearance anywhere made people smile and shine. She was a bright person, may her heavenly path be bright too!

Tatiana Lolova presents her book (Source: Knigomania Publishing House)

“Diaries & Weekdays” is both a diary and an album dedicated to the audience. After her beloved husband Svetoslav Svetoslavov-Slaveto leaves this world at the end of 2018, Tatiana Lolova opens the old notebooks and takes out the forgotten photos, cards and letters to remember.

In the book you will read her real notes, impressions and experiences that have happened over the years – from childhood, student life, first roles, first book, receiving the Askeer Award… The pages of “Diaries & Weekdays” will tell you about the joys of personal her life – the meeting with Slaveto, the appearance of her son Sava, the grandchildren Sava and Mateo, told by Knigomania Publishing House.

Particularly interesting are the portrait descriptions of a number of artists such as Lili Ivanova, Stoyanka Mutafova, Neycho Popov, Todor Kolev, Grigor Vachkov, Nevena Kokanova, Georgi Kaloyanchev-Kalata, Velko Kanev, Kalin Sarmenov, Tsvetana Maneva, Nikolay Haitov, Nikola Anastasov, Georgi Rusev etc.

In these short sketches there is a whole palette of moods – you will feel behind the words of Tatiana Lolova and humor, and pain, and her love for life and profession of the artist. This unique diary of 240 pages will make you empathize with her memories and her ability to organize her life as it is.

The role of the compiler and editor Georgi Toshev is also significant in this activity. The creative sense to select the most interesting for the audience and the most valuable for the time passages, photos and illustrative material arouses real admiration. The wonderful design is the work of Todor Manolov – he has shown great imagination how to best arrange this puzzle of hundreds of materials.

Some of the photos of the beloved actress are published for the first time in this book. And the portraits and self-portraits are the biggest surprise for her artistic talent – in the section “Weekdays” you will see sketches of Shakespeare, Mercia McDermott, Ivan Tsvetarski, Svetoslav Svetoslavov-Slaveto.

And here is what Tatiana Lolova dreamed of:

I dream of having a black dress and some great text that is very tragic!

In fact, not to be very sad, to have a joke. There may be something a little cheerful! To cheer you up, to lead you to dance, to song, to show the development of the whole human life – from its beginning to old age…

Source: Knigomania Publishing House

I do not know who will write this text and whether this dream of mine will come true, but it is good that all your dreams do not come true.

Let something unfulfilled remain.

I would be very happy if I could do something special. I don’t know what it will be called, but I want people to forget the moment…

Because I am ME!

Am I a woman, am I a man, am I Tatiana Lolova, am I an actress, am I human, am I from space…

But to have fun watching and listening to me.

It is worth doing one such thing, to make others happy… It is very difficult…

Watch the video from 15.11.2021 with Tatiana Lolova shortly before the presentation of the book “Diaries & Weekdays” in Midalidare, which gathered over 11,000 likes on Facebook and more than 160 shares in just 2 days HERE


“What is it like to remember?

Arrange past events, words, photos, sad and funny moments in your emotional memory…

Remembering can be happiness, but it can also be a curse.

Life passes like a moment before your eyes.

And you can understand what you missed.

Tatiana Lolova is a beloved actress.

A woman whose talent lives on human emotions.

I’ve known her for years.

I have seen it in happy moments when it is distributed to my audience. And when she looks into the eyes of her beloved husband Slaveto.

I was next to her when she was silent in pain.

The glory!

I can’t even imagine in this fragile world what it’s like to share your life with someone for 56 years.

Tatiana Lolova and Svetoslav Svetoslavov – Glory are the proof that love is possible “until death do us part”.

I was with Tanya, Slaveto and their son Sava on December 25, 2018.

The next day the Glory left…

Tanya stayed.


To remember.

And to arrange his life as it is.

With the compiler of the book Georgi Toshev

She opened the old notebooks, took out the forgotten ones

photos. Salvation from emptiness. After the Glory.

Tanya is here.


And he remembers. ”

Georgi Toshev

“I am writing. From a young age. I write down everything I have to do. I prefer a pencil. This is how I arrange my thoughts, days, tasks.

I love writing. And to paint.

I dreamed of keeping a diary all my life. To record events and experiences every day. I did not succeed. Life was happening faster than my intentions and dreams.

We raced.

And he was ahead of me every time I thought I had to describe an experience. Still, I managed to arrange some good and difficult moments in a notebook.

Writing helps me cope. And with the euphoria of joy, and with the abyss of sorrow.

I still write today. In short. Tasks, phones, meetings, names. Experiences are becoming rarer. ”

With the compiler of the book Georgi Toshev

Life is fast. The words are short.

The last thing I wrote was at Christmas, 2018.

Tatiana Lolova