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Georgi Chapkanov-Chapa: Bulgaria is a cursed place with cursed people

The sculptor Georgi Chapkanov-Chapa is a co-author of the Emblem of the Republic, the “Sun”, which decorated the facade of the National Palace of Culture, the statue of St. Sophia in the capital and many other popular works. His works are exhibited in prestigious museums around the world. He has three sons and eight grandchildren. The artist is a guest on the bTV show “120 minutes”.

“Chapkanin literally means pervert, and in Bulgaria we use the word for ‘robber.’ My great-grandfather lived near Kavala and was close to the Turks because he gave them to drink. Once the Turks came when my great-grandfather and his sons were absent. The guests got drunk and attacked the daughters-in-law. They fell asleep, and when my great-grandfather came home, he cut off their heads. Hence the nickname Chapkanin. The next morning, the whole family fled to save themselves, “said Georgi Chapkanov.

The family then goes through the great ordeal of the plague. All 12 children die in one week. Thus, in his old age, his great-great-grandfather and great-great-grandmother began to have children again. Three girls are born and finally his grandfather, to whom to leave the inheritance.

It was a great drama for the “Sun” of the National Palace of Culture. The project was approved, but the party did not allow it to take place. One day Lyudmila Zhivkova called me and told us to put it on temporarily. This is still the case today – temporarily! If it wasn’t for Ludmila, we wouldn’t have installed it “, the sculptor revealed. “And what a miracle it was for the statue of St. Sophia! The college doesn’t love me, it was pagan, it was ugly, I can’t be spoken to, ”added Georgi Chapkanov, who receives a lifelong pension of BGN 312. It was recently increased, but has not yet received the new amount.

“I am still working, although I do not have the strength. The eldest son disappeared after his mother died. I haven’t seen him better. The average is a director, he is great and he is invited to many places. The youngest son and his wife do not have a job, so I try to help them. I also have eight grandchildren “, Georgi Chapkanov explained.

His wife is missing and he dreams of her more and more often, which according to him is a sign that “we will see each other” soon.

“Bulgaria is an idiotic place, a cursed place inhabited by cursed people. Otherwise it is a beautiful country “- the sculptor shared with bitterness at the end of the interview.