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The story of the minute in the photographs of Boryana Pandova

“It’s like a tsunami. 4 billion new images flood us every day. ”

Photography has become the most popular and widely practiced game on the globe. He took us to the highest, deepest, most dangerous, funniest places in the world.

We saw the space of microbes; we peered through blood-curdling plumbs; we traced the cycles of birth and death of all kinds of organisms. With photography we go to war. We seal every part of our lives.

We are careful to live a sufficiently photogenic life.

Our senses are overloaded. We tolerate scenes from which we would have shivered 50-100 years ago. We have overeaten with cruelty.

The exhibition “Just a Minute” at the Credo Bonum Gallery stands outside the “culture in which shock is the main stimulus for consumer demand and a source of value.” (Susan Sontag, “Looking at the pain of others”)

“Just a Minute” is an exhibition of paired photographs taken in one minute, without changing the focal point. The main character here is Time, in the role of object, problem and tool of photography.

We all use the expressions “I’ll be there in two minutes!”; “Five minutes and I’m with you…”; “Just a minute and…” to express our good intentions, denoting the time from In a second to never.

Can we catch the differences in seemingly static pictures of the world around us in one minute? Can we keep our attention on something low-changing, banal.

Photography is the appropriate means of expression to tell the story of the minute – from tangible to invisible.

Some of the photographs included in Boryana Pandova’s exhibition at the Credo Bonum Gallery. (Source: Credo Bonum Gallery)

The exhibition “Just a Minute” by Boryana Pandova includes 60 photographic diptychs, registering 60 minutes of the author’s photographic travels in space.

She starts the stopwatch on her camera to measure just a minute of Time. The changes it registers are sometimes visible and sometimes missing. The viewer is the one who can look for them and find them.

The photos in “Just a Minute” do not present lavish scenes. They do not consider life in its peaks. They do not show inhumanity. Nor humanity. They do not “catch” moments. They do not discuss what is being filmed. In them the event is time.

The space stands in front of the camera to move by one minute.

“I’m interested in how the images and colors of the ‘stereo-minutes’ ignite associations that strengthen our minds towards a memory. Accidentally? Algorithmically?

They move us in time. Which inevitably catches up with us.

Man is a fleeting creature, but he lives as immortal. ”- the author shares.

“Just a minute” is an invitation to stand in front of the image of the world, always obsolete by one minute. “Just a minute” is a series of the cycle “Objects of inattention”, including projects “Pocket format”, “Recyclables”, “Dirty”, “Order No. 7078 ”, which discover those parts of our world that we do not suspect exist or pass by because they are accidental, broken or unforeseen. The unimportant things. The ones we don’t think about.

The exhibition also includes the text of Todor Karastoyanov “Just a minute: Object of inattention No. 5 * ”, and the curator is Nadezhda Pavlova.