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The sculptor Ivan Rusev with a book about the history of the Ilindentsi Art Center

The emblematic sculptor Ivan Rusev presents his book “Story of the Road and Stone Stories”, dedicated to the history of the only private sculpture park in Bulgaria – the art center in the village of Ilindentsi, which aims to preserve and develop the best traditions of the founding European sculptural symposia.

Source: Ilindentsi Art Center

The book systematizes and explores with a strong sense of historicity the experience and actions that led to the emergence and establishment of the art center “Ilindentsi” as a place of world culture in the last more than 20 years.

It presents details about the events organized over the years, about the process of communication and exchange, about the creative process and accumulations, about the mechanisms of action and the personalities involved over the years, as well as biographical stories from the establishment of Ivan Rusev as one of the most -our significant contemporary artists.

The author consistently introduces us to his world of search, pursued and achieved goals on the Path of Art.

The first part offers a fascinating story about the growth and formation of the future sculptor, as well as bringing out the bold idea of ​​creating a private art center in Bulgaria.

The second part presents in chronological order the path traveled over the years from the establishment of the center in 1998 to today, as well as the result of many years of work, accumulation and rich experience of a group of people involved in a common process called Art Center “Ilindentsi ”.

The book “Story of the Road and Stone Stories” has already been published and will be in bookstores until the end of April 2021. It is a joint publication of the Art Center “Ilindentsi” and Publishing House “Gutenberg”, with the support of the Ministry of culture, as part of the project “Art Stage – Ilindentsi” * – a session for financing projects in the field of visual arts.

For Ivan Rusev

Ivan Rusev (b. 1954 in Sofia) is one of the leading figures in Bulgarian sculpture. He works mainly in stone, and the works from his mature period are characterized by a characteristic approach to the processing of this material, in which the intervention is delicate and emphasizes the natural structure.

Ivan Rusev Ilindentsi Art Center

Graduated in Sculpture at the National Academy of Arts under Prof. Velichko Minekov in 1979, he quickly entered the artistic life, over the years realizing many of his solo exhibitions, was awarded various prizes, has a number of participations in collective representative exhibitions of Bulgarian art in country and abroad (Spain, Austria, Slovakia, India, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Belgium, Mexico).

For most of which you can also read in the book. The most important long-term creative project of Ivan Rusev is the Center for Art in the village of Ilindentsi.


In 1998, several friends and supporters, led by Ivan Rusev, began the construction of a sculpture park in the village of Ilindentsi and founded the Art Center-Ilindentsi Foundation.

47 sculptures in harmony with nature were gradually created on a territory of 30 decares. Several of them – “Forum” – an operating amphitheater with over 350 seats; Jordan Day Lake – the place where the locals throw the cross of the Epiphany; the stone paths – united in a sculptural project “The Network” are large-scale projects implemented with the efforts of many participants. The project “The Marble City of Arts” by Ivan Rusev is also a large-scale realization.

Over the years, 164 authors from Bulgaria, Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Israel, India, Canada, Mexico, Romania, USA, Slovakia, France, the Netherlands, Sweden have participated in the symposia and plein airs organized by the Art Center-Ilindentsi Foundation. and Japan.

The Foundation is the initiator of other creative events – musical performances and events covering a wide range of artists, as well as practices for working with children, pupils and students.

With its activity Art Center “Ilindentsi” manages to turn the unknown place into a well-known tourist and cultural site, with added value for the region.

* About the Ilindentsi Art Stage project

Source: Ilindentsi Art Center

One of the latest initiatives is the project “Art Stage – Ilindentsi”, implemented between March 28 and April 6 * 2021, aimed at promoting young and not yet established artists in the field of painting.

The project took place in the form of a 10-day studio in the sculpture park of the village of Ilindentsi, Strumyani municipality. There, in a suitable creative environment, 8 young authors had the opportunity to create, drawing inspiration and experience from established names in contemporary art.

The studio ended on April 7 with an exhibition in the space of the “Marble City of Arts”, which will remain available for a month to present the authors of curators, critics, art managers, established artists, journalists and the general public.