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Joy, pleas and fear! With the clear election day, how many aspirations died!

In its series “Past Unfinished” Impressio continues to give you wrists of unfading publications, written long ago, but sounding relevant today. We will pound the withered pages together to find among them bouquets of words stored in the herbarium of time. Words that should not be forgotten.

And these elections passed. Analyzes, bills, negotiations for coalitions, divisions, quarrels will now begin, accompanied by the obligatory criticism and comments of the media. The satirical press of the beginning of the last century also did not fail to ridicule the candidates for power. Especially the failed ones.

He is lying, brother, and the people are lying!Letter from the failed candidate for MP N. to his colleague

“Dear colleague, thank you very much for the heartfelt condolences on the occasion of my failure! You accuse me of lying lightly. Sea, I lied, and smoke was rising! I built streets, built fountains, increased wages, raised the price of wheat, reduced the price of bread, abolished taxes and what not. I promised the gypsies three levs of beans, I paid some wages. I heard a rumor about my opponent being scrapped, they believed, but few. Nothing helped.

My platform and she platform: Nationalization of capital (what do you think, huh?), BGN 20,000 interest-free loan for the newlyweds, protection of democracy, participation of workers in the profits of enterprises (tails, as you can see) ”.

And you did advertising. I wasted a lot of money on calls and posters. I wrote that they must choose a man with a good heart, a pure soul, a man moral, selfless, undefiled – and under all this: “Therefore, vote for candidate N.” (It was a little awkward to brag about myself, but when there was no one to praise me!).

As for the drawing we talked about, I drew, brother. I spent BGN 15,000 on pubs for drinking and cigarettes. I also sent an envelope with ballots and money in the envelope. We fired the innkeepers from work; It does not help. The innkeeper drinks, I speak, the Ganyu people drink and shake their heads. They drink and promise. And I, more stupid Ganyu than them, draw and believe. “She’s sure, I think, mine.” and I build bridges, I cross their rivers. Someone called that my pension was large (I’m an empty pensioner). Neisse, I promised to reduce it too (t-t-ts, how far have I come, huh ?!).

I promise, they promise too, but I tell you, brother, his desolate people are lying terribly, they are lying more than us. One stops me: “How are you, Mr. N.?”, “It’s good!” I think, and he: “Give, he says, 40-50 ballots”. I give him 100, and 4-5 boxes of cigarettes to drink. The next day he ran the same one again: “Give another 50”. I give him 4 boxes again. Wherever I met, he always wanted and promised ballots (if only they had sent for me, that’s enough for me); wherever I draw, he shakes his head and promises. Everyone wants, and no less, 30-40 ballots, and I serve the cigarettes myself.

And finally, oh, misfortune! Horror! In the end, oh, my head hurt, the more boxes of cigarettes I blew, the more votes I didn’t get.

I lied, brother, I lied without shame! But the people know how to lie, and better than us.

Sincerely, your dear friend and colleague N. ”

Round dance, March 1938

“And everyone started working hard for the good of Bulgaria” (Caricature of Rayko Alexiev, Lyudokos newspaper, 1913)

The bulletin

The bulletin is something cold, sometimes hot, The bulletin is libidnes affectionate and true, tomorrow – vilely unfaithful. Our bulletin is greedy to the point of sofra or vilely shatters our account near the well-being. knees – she knows everything: today she honestly promises Costa Kutsia to listen, she swears in the heavens, tomorrow – she grabs him by the throat and throws him to the ground. ” And in a corner she is hidden in a secret envelope, keep red on your finger and don’t believe, God, neither in her passionate love, nor in fear of her dangerous game опа The bulletin is: today – she plays this melody, tomorrow… nothing He does not know!

V-k “Shchurets”, April 1937

“How to milk cows. Malinov: – If he stops giving milk, he will have to cut his hair; even if its wave does not reach, it will have to be torn. ” (Caricature by Chantecler, 1911)

Election day

A parody of N. Liliev

The clear election day turned over. With the clear election day – an influx in front of each ballot box. The clear election day looked smiling, amazed. On the clear election day – see the people awakened! In the clear election day joy, pleas and fear!

Round dance, March 1938

“The painter: – I polished it to them both inside and out. If they start to defame him again – a language for masrafa. ” (Caricature of Rayko Alexiev, Shturets newspaper, 1938)

The comedy is over

Red, green posters are in the small town with big letters, it says: – Choose me MP! One of the streams pours: – I will work miracles for you! None of the vases should be rated for another! Another groaned: – Vote for me, suffering people, you are mine! And a third frys and curses, and wants to be chosen!

Shturets newspaper, February 1940

“Echo of the election. A nice family picture in the home of the failed candidate ”(Caricature of Stoyan Venev, Horovod newspaper, 1938)

Opportunities and differences

A failed candidate and a rejected fiancé have a common destiny afterwards: in both cases it becomes very difficult for the person.

The difference is that the rejected fiancé has the opportunity to immediately run elsewhere in the same suit and even with the same ring, and the failed candidate has to wait for new elections and change his clothes and paint again.

Elective thoughts

Elections are like coins, because with them, as with the coins, it is thrown for “ezi – tura”. Whoever gets a “number” (ezi) – goes to sign under numbers in the accounting of the National Assembly.

However, their greatest similarity is that both around the elections and around the coins there should be an inscription “God save Bulgaria”.

Shturets newspaper, January 1940

05 – “Parliamentary tactics. – This time I am electing a deputy. I have already tailored it: first of all, that I curse the opposition until it is elected, then that I split with the opposition and that I curse those who elected me, and finally… if they don’t make me a minister, that I ruin my luck… and so on! ” (Caricature of Rayko Alexiev, Shturets newspaper, 1939)

That’s the order

The elections are scheduled. The elected ones are directed. The voters are forced. The elected ones are sharpened. And the unelected ones are wet.

Shturets newspaper, October 1939

Photos: “Lost Bulgaria” / Collage: Petya Alexandrova /

Photos: “Lost Bulgaria”