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Arte Gallery presents Svilen Blazhev and his Natura

Arte Gallery presents Svilen Blazhev and his NATURA – an exhibition of encaustics from February 23 to March 13, 2021.

Vernissage on February 23 / Tuesday / from 5 pm to 7.30 pm

• Nature: nature, nature, temperament, character, soul….

Encaustic – Egyptian technology for painting with melted beeswax, in which the colors are achieved by natural pigments and damar resin.

• Pandemic – a manifestation of an infectious disease that spreads among the population of a certain geographical region or around the world….

“I spent 2020 in the studio – without traveling and without meeting many people. In one year I painted 27 paintings in the Encaustic technique / unique and magical /, it took me back many years in Time ..!

I built this exhibition on my attitude and love for “Nature”. She is the greatest teacher for the artist and probably Eternal!

Svilen Blazhev (Photo: Arte Gallery)

The pandemic 2020-21 gave me this exhibition, but took away: my Mother / Her eternal memory! /, My friend Zafe / with whom we went fishing /, my cat Marco / who was by my side in the studio /.

This is the life of the Artist for one calendar year! ”

Svilen Blazhev, February 2021

Svilen Blazhev (Photo: Arte Gallery)

Still, Svilen Blazhev remains true to himself, the landscapes and naked bodies of this exhibition are colorful and dynamic, energetic impulses charged with life, an explosion of colors and textures.

Arte Gallery shines with a bright light, sheltering the powerful creative energy of the artist.