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24 famous Plovdiv artists in the group exhibition “Painting now – Plovdiv 2021”

On Tuesday, February 9, from 17:00 to 19:00 in the Hall “2019” at 32 Gladstone Street will open the group exhibition “PAINTER NOW – PLOVDIV 2021” curated by Monica Romenska – artist and curator at the City Art gallery.

24 Plovdiv painters invited by her will present their works – Atanas Hranov, Vasil Stoev, Rumen Zhekov, Nikolay Kuchkov, Angel Kitipov, Veneta Marinova, Vihra Grigorova, Georgi Shtarbev, Dimitar Genchev, Zdravka Vasileva, Ivan Genov, Ivan Shishkov, Iliya Yonchev, Kiril Ivanov, Lili Kyuchukova, Mihaela Ivanova, Nikola Pevicharov, Nikolay Alexiev – Fox, Vesko Velev, Nikolay Nyagolov, Hristo Nikolov, Iliana Manukova, Chavdar Marinov and Yavor Kostadinov

The event is the second gathering of established Plovdiv artists by the same curator after “GRAPHIC NOW – PLOVDIV 2020” at the Gallery “Trap”, which was greeted with enthusiasm by audiences and connoisseurs.

Monica Romenska motivates the invitations for the current exhibition as follows:

“I have invited people who live with art and in it, who develop in their own torments and finally find or not the answers to their own questions or asked by others.

For circumstantial reasons I could not say anything about the previous exhibition – GRAPHICS NOW – PLOVDIV 2020, but the moment is when to gather them, summarize – the idea is to present the Plovdiv artists – THE GREAT, THE LIVING and THE ORDINARY, who continue to work. and create unknown, unsolicited but expected truths turned into fairy tales.

Whatever I say about each of the artists involved here will be small and not enough. Each of them has contributed with all his work to make Plovdiv the City of Artists.

Regardless of the development of political battles, fights, victories and divisions – the artists of Plovdiv remain to live in it. And somehow the city lives as it is – through them, thanks to them. Because they are a creative part of the multifaceted Bulgaria. ”